What’s on in Sydney New South Wales – Pop Panic/Art and Dubstep

Close your eyes and let DJ Smithers and Chappers take you on a searing historical tour of music’s underbelly; nothing but 90s anthems, pop schlock and great classic hits. If you need a change of scene, you can head into the karaoke room and hear the same songs, sung worse. Don’t pretend this isn’t exactly what you want to be doing every Tuesday night for the rest of your life. TUESDAY OCT 11th, free from 8 pm, open all day from 1 pm.

How did Wednesday become the most party night of the week? While losers sleep like idiots in their dumb stupid beds, the best kids in Sydney are breaking party records at Sydney’s only dubstep and arts night. If that sounds like a strange combo to you, then you just aren’t in the know.

Warm-up with free bubbly in our art gallery from 7:30 pm, and chin-stroke at an excellent group show from the 3rd year’s St George Design College: “Cubs Chasing Ponies”, a bunch of illustrations, photographs, typographical works, and market stalls – all sorts of stuff to look at and maybe even buy. Shit escalates inevitably from there, as Pablo Calamari, Sushi, and T-Bo fill the terrace with the finest hip-hop and party jams, P1rate (NZ), Bruxism, and Zeus get very serious about their dubstep in the backroom, and Jackd’Up and Vito populate our new electro room upstairs. Try our new Agwa Jaguar Teapot, with compliments from our good pals at Agwa. What the hell, try a couple! It is a Wednesday after all. WEDNESDAY OCT 12th: Things kick off at 7:30 pm until extremely foolishly late and it’s all free.