Best Pubs in Darwin NT Australia

Best Pubs in Darwin NT Australia

The Population of Darwin is youthful and there is no shortage for nightclubs, bars, and great pubs. It is an ideal place for all ages and will suit all your purposes.  The days in the Northern territory are usually long and hot. So locals in the Top End will quench their thirst with a cold beer at one of the best pubs In Darwin.

Irish pubs what on Darwin ?

Every day can be a hot day in Darwin. Australia is one of the best wine producing countries in the world. It also has the best beers around which are icy cold and refreshing. The beers on tap are growing in the pubs in Darwin. Many of the bars and pubs in Darwin provide you with and range of craft beers on tap. 

The Cavenagh

You will find The Cavenagh to be a great place to meet friends, a place with a good selection of great cocktails, and wines and 12 cool beers on tap. You can also try out the food and the Cav which is considered by the locals to be the provider of the best steaks in town. 

Hotel Darwin

Hotel Darwin is one of the first hotels to be established here and has survived Cyclone Tracy and the bombing of Darwin. It is an icon that serves a selection of bottle beers and rap beers. 

Six tank Brew Company

This location offers traditional craft beers, crafted beers, high-end boutique sorts, and wines that are unique to Darwin. 

The Precinct

You can expect a wide range of imported, local, and premium beers and ciders on tap at the Precinct. You can also enjoy a selection of wines and popular cocktails. 

Monsoons Bar

Monsoons bar is an open-air pub that is a great place to watch people. It also offers an ideal selection of wines and beers.


Wisdom is well known as a party bar and for providing live music. It is also a place that has a great selection of beers cocktails, wines, and entertainment. 

The Deck Bar

The Deck Bar is an outdoor bar that offers over 80 different types of beers and is a popular venue in Darwin. 

The Tap Bar

The tap bar is a popular open-air pub that has a great selection of beers and an ideal atmosphere.

This amazing local pub scene in Darwin is the perfect spot for both locals and tourists to have a great time. Get ready to have an amazing time in Darwin. They’ve got the most delicious local beer and mouthwatering meals that will leave you craving more. It’s a must-visit spot for all the foodies and beer enthusiasts out there.

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