Darwin to Kakadu day trip

Darwin to Kakadu tours

Darwin to Kakadu day trip 
Kakadu is huge and being Australia’s largest national park you can only imagine the diversity you can witness here. In size it is actually bigger than Wales and like a country there literally is so much you can explore here. Kakadu is only 3 hours from Darwin and if you are looking for a day trip from the capital of the Northern Territory this is an ideal destination.
One Day of Kakadu
Although you will be able to visit Kakadu within a day you will most certainly not do justice to all the treasures that Kakadu has in store. However you can get a taste of the treasures which will help make plans for bigger and more elaborate explorations of Kakadu. On average day trips to Kakadu from Darwin commences at about 6 am and goes on till about 7.30pm.
Highlights of your Trip
The journey commences with a trip across the Adelaide River and then into the Marrakai Plains and finally you will enter Kakadu. An important attraction you will encounter along the way is the renowned Nourlangie Rock, where the aboriginal rock art is exceptional. Other highlights include the Yellow Water Billabong Cruise perfect for that saltwater crocodile hunt and then for a good dose of aboriginal culture there is the Warradjan Cultural Centre. The informative displays you find here give you interesting insight into the traditions of the Aboriginal people who call Kakadu their home.
Scenic Attractions
Kakadu is not confined to indigenous culture for this region being such a massive national park feels like a paradise of sorts. From lush green lowland hills to Mangrove fringed coasts, Kakadu has a universe of natural wonders that at every turn there is something to take your breath away. As for the flora and the fauna there are forest and woodland habitats and wildlife brimming in the water. With the passing of each season, Kakadu takes on a whole new form and a whole new colour showcasing a rich diversity throughout the calendar.