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Kakadu Overnight Retreat 2 Day – Lodge Single Room from Darwin

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Northern Territories Tours Darwin Kakadu. With an area of almost 20,000km, Kakadu is Australia’s largest national park and sure enough there’s tonnes to see. From wetlands and woodlands to dramatic sandstone cliffs and steep ridges, the landscape makes you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. This enormous nature reserve is one of the most biodiverse in the world as a home to over 2000 species of plant and wildlife. With so much to see and do you’ll never want to leave!

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Current restrictions, rules and exposure sites

Kakadu entry Fee

In the tropical summer (1 November to 14 May), an adult pass will cost $25. Always check prices as these may become out of date. In the dry season (15 May to 31 October), an adult pass will cost $40. Kakadu will remain free for Territorians, all year round.

Kakadu National Park

The primary pull of the national park is undoubtedly its wildlife; with crocodiles in East Alligator River, flatback turtles at the mouth of the South Alligator River, and brightly coloured birds in the trees throughout, everywhere you turn there’ll be something stunning to see. One of the most exhilarating activities to do is croc spotting. Head to the safe platforms at Cahills Crossing and Yellow Water for a prime location – with over 10,000 in the park you’re sure to lay your eyes on one of these fascinating prehistoric creatures. Northern Territories Tours Darwin Kakadu.

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World-famous rock art galleries

Whilst in this stunning reserve, make sure to take advantage of all the walks, swimming, fishing and boat cruises on offer, which visit some of the parks most beautiful spots. There are two different boat cruises guide you through the wetlands, the Aboriginal-owned Yellow Water Cruises which provides stunning sunrise and sunset cruises, or the Guluyambi boat cruise which is the only way to get to Ubirr once floodwaters close the road, allowing you to see the world-famous rock art galleries.

Northern Territories Tours Darwin Kakadu. Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls
jimjim falls - kakadu
Not short of a waterfall or two, the Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls are spectacular whatever time of year you visit. In the dry season (June – November), you can take the walk to the Jim Jim Falls Plunge Pool and Twin Falls Gorge to relax in the cooling waters when the falls are just a trickle. In the wet season (December – May), you can only see them on a scenic flight – but what a sight!

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Kakadu experience the beauty

There are fantastic walks in all areas of Kakadu. Views for miles, ancient rock art and towering rainforest make each walk memorable. If you’ve come prepared, you can do them alone, but you’ll learn a lot more from a tour guide. You’ll also have more access to the most special parts of the park if you go on a 4WD, coach or camping tour.

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The Bininj and Mungguy People

The Kakadu National park is owned by the oldest living culture on earth, Aboriginal people who are called Bininj in the north of the park and Mungguy in the south. When visiting, be sure to respect their ancient culture by refraining from invasive activities or taking photographs, but be sure to learn all you can about their fascinating culture, clans, language and bush foods.

There are also many lessons to be learnt in Kakadu: don’t feed the crocs, don’t think you can beat the heat, and you can’t always rely on your mobile phone. You’ll also have the chance to learn about the history of Australia, where Aboriginal life has remained conserved for thousands of years with rock art, kept traditions and respected culture.

Visit the Kakadu National Park with Kakadu Wild.

Dive into the spectacular Kakadu National Park Tour of the Australia’s Northern Territory 0n a 5 day tour of the outback and wilderness. Kakadu National Park Tours are renowned for its beautiful scenery and rich Aboriginal culture. This fantastic 5 day trip has a range of adventurous activities to be had on both water and land.

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