Tours to Kakadu From Darwin

3 day Kakadu Adventure

Kakadu is Australia’s largest National Park and has everything that pretty much a country would have. It is after all the size of Switzerland and if you are nature buff craving for exploration, this park has plenty to satiate those desires.

Covering Kakadu in 3 Days With a Bit of Litchfield

If you plan on exploring Kakadu from Darwin there are so many excellent tours. 3 days is a decent amount of time to spend in the tour and you also have options of combining this 3 day tour with a tour of Litchfield. Both Kakadu and Litchfield have a treasure trove of natural attractions and you are bounds to love them all; However, do not miss out on the famous Yellow Water Cruise for you get to spot crocodiles with this one. In addition to this, there are also other fun and adventurous activities to do such as swimming in rock pools, hiking cliff faces and of course exploring Litchfield.

Kakadu and Litchfield in a Budget in 3 Days

If you are exploring Western Australia in a budget, try a similar 3 day tour only this time you will have to pick options that will cost you slightly less. For one you can save on the accommodation by opting to sleep in swags underneath the twinkling stars. As for attractions you can head over to the Twin and Jim Jim Falls which is an absolute beauty and also check out the fascinating Termite mounds. Even if you are not on a budget many prefer this tour as it gives you a more intimate experience with Kakadu.

Explore Kakadu in 5 Days With Both Katherine and Litchfield

If you have ample time in your hands, a tour of Kakadu with Litchfield and Katherine is far more comprehensive. You get to swim in Florence and Wangi Falls, hike to the to the top of Gunlom Falls and explore a plethora of rock holes and of course do so much more.

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