What to Pack on an Uluru Tour

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When looking for Uluru tours, the traveller forums are filled to the brim with legends of the red dust that will soon turn your box fresh Adidas a nice shade of rust… and we’re afraid they speak the truth!
Before you set off on your travels, it’s highly likely you bought all new kit for your instagrammable adventures around Australia, but did you think about the practicalities of embarking on adventure tours and exploring the very depths of this continent sized country?
For those who are heading off on a tour of Uluru and Australia’s Red Centre, we’ve compiled the perfect list of what to pack to help point you in the right direction as no amount of scrubbing will get your titanium white trainers white again after any decent tour of Australia’s most famous rock!

What to Pack for an Uluru Tour

Sun Hat, Sunscreen, Sun Glasses…

As you can probably gather from the first things on our list, it gets hot! Hotter than the sun… ok not quite, but temperatures in the day can sit between 35-40+ in inland Australia, so you will need to be prepared.

Water, Water, Water…

Top tip – keep hydrated. You’ll want to pack a reusable water bottle or two that you can fill up regularly. Drinking plenty of water will keep you in working order whilst hiking and exploring the area around Uluru… it’s thirsty business.

Sturdy Shoes…

Ditch the trainers and opt for some decent walking boots. You’ll be walking on uneven terrain, and won’t want to miss out, so whilst walking boots don’t always look that glamorous, if you channel your inner Indiana or Lara Croft it will make you feel comfortable with your bold new footwear style! Some slip on shoes, or “thongs” (flip flops) are good for kicking back at the end of the day, and really handy for night time bathroom trips.

Jumper, Socks, Tracky-b’s or Jeans…

Yes we told you it was hot, but when the sun sets you’ll be out under the stars and it can mighty cool at night, especially when your swagging out under the lights of the Milky Way. But remember not to forget your insect repellent.
The Finer Details…
Hand sanitizer, toothpaste, toothbrush, dry shampoo, deodorant, whatever you need to feel fresh after a long day’s exploring. Sleeping bag or sleeping bag liners are also a good idea when camping. Just check the details of your tour for your accommodation options.
Oh and a sensible backpack to put it all in! No hard shell suitcases, wheely bags, just a small to medium backpack with just your essentials. Two straps, on your back, save your spine for more adventures!
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