Best Darwin to Litchfield coach tour

Best Darwin to Litchfield coach tour

Darwin to Litchfield coach tour

Distance from Darwin to Litchfield is 115.5 km.  It takes 1 hour and 19 minutes to reach Litchfield.

Litchfield National Park

Covering approximately 1500 km² it is near the township of Batchelor, 100 km south-west of Darwin, in the Northern Territory of Australia. Each year the park attracts over 260,000 visitors. Follow the Stuart Highway via the township of Batchelor to Litchfield National Park. Explore a landscape of ancient rock formations, monsoon forests and cascading waterfalls on this full-day tour from Darwin to Litchfield

Best Darwin to Litchfield coach tour.

Things to do at Litchfield National park

Stunning Florance waterfalls

View Florence Falls from a high vantage point come back via the monsoon forest and open woodland. During the dry season, the waterfalls flow is gentle, making the waterholes perfect spots for a dip.  Take a swim before travelling to Tolmer Falls for a glorious view of the water cascading down to the deep waterhole at the base of the falls.

Wangi falls its best not to swim here as crocodiles live in these waters

Visit Wangi falls to swim in a large crystal clear pool and an optional steady climb through the rainforest to the top of the falls.  Be sure to bring your camera for great shots, including the amazing stand of termite mounds.

Best Darwin to Litchfield coach tours experience Buley Rockhole

Swim in the crystal clear rock pools of Buley Rockholes before a short drive to the famous Wangi Falls.

See the amazing Magnetic termite mounds

 It is a mysterious natural phenomenon with a perfect north-south orientation. Leaving Litchfield National Park you pass by floodplains scattered with hundreds of Meridian Termite Mounds. Make a brief stop to learn more about the inhabitants of these amazing structures.

Where can you swim, safety information NT

Litchfield and Jumping Crocodiles day tour from Darwin

 Discover the best of Litchfield National Park on a full-day tour from Darwin. Go to the Adelaide River for a private Jumping Crocodile cruise that gives you a great view of the crocodiles.

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