What’s on in Darwin March to April

Things to do in Darwin every day

Darwin is nestled in the far north of the Northern Territory and is typically a paradise. It is the only city in Australia that has a tropical climate making it an ideal getaway for travelers. The atmosphere in Darwin is distinct from the tropics meeting the outback. This former frontier has a fascinating history and a thriving multicultural presence.

Crocodiles, Get Up Close and Personal

Crocodiles are an icon when it comes to the Northern Territory. Crocosaurus cove will offer you a cage of death experience and you will get up close and personal with the reptiles without any risk. You can also visit Crocodylus Park which is a bit more family friendly place.

Tiwi Islands

Tiwi Islands has a chain of nine islands 80km north of the city of Darwin. Out of these Islands, two of the largest are inhabited. It is an ideal spot for bird watcher and nature lovers.

Chill at the Wave Lagoon

The wave lagoon is a perfect place to beat the heat as it has reliably hot weather even during the winter. The lagoon is gorgeous and an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate yourself.

The Museum & Art Gallery

The Museum & Art Gallery has a fascinating history. The Gallery exhibits traditional and contemporary art which focuses on local artists.

Mary River Wetland Cruise

You can go for a cruise in the Mary River which is an amazing way to get to know the local wildlife.

The Botanic Gardens of Darwin

You can experience the local flora in all its beauty at the Botanic gardens in Darwin. There are many walking trails and a waterfall that you can admire.

Darwin Harbour Cruise

The pristine water of the Darwin foreshore makes it a perfect spot for a relaxing cruise.

Aboriginal Art and Culture

The Northern territory comprises of fascinating indigenous history and you can learn a lot about it at the Aboriginal Bush Traders, Mbantua Fine Art Gallery, and Outstation Gallery.