Things to do New Zealand – Rotorua and Queenstown Skydiving

Things to do New Zealand - Rotorua and Queenstown Skydiving


Tandem Skydive

It takes a certain kind of person to jump from an aircraft at 15,000ft into thin air. It takes courage. Harnessed by space age materials to an experienced qualified Jumpmaster, you step out that aircraft door and for some 60 seconds you plummet towards the ground at 200kph, Terminal Velocity. The Jumpmaster will deploy the reinforced tandem canopy controlling your entire skydive.

Expect sensory overload as your mind/body/soul fight against every natural self preservatory urge.

Achievement doesn’t come Sweeter!

Photos & Video

Using the latest state of the art equipment we recommend you commission us to shoot, edit and compile a complete documentary of your NZONE experience. Our freefall photographer will jump with a camera/video on their skydive helmet. DVD and photos are yours, to take away on the day, in a presentation pack complete with certificate of accomplishment. You will have earned it.

Queenstown & Rotorua

Nzone has two dropzones; Queenstown in the South Island and Rotorua in the North Island, skydiving over 160,000 people since 1990, we were the first commercial tandem skydive operation in New Zealand. Queenstown has been deemed “The Adventure Capital of the World”, and rightly so, with only your imagination to limit you. Rotorua is a renowned geothermal area and Maori Culture capital of New Zealand, although the numerous adrenaline activities available make this a superb playground.

Nzone Skydive

Operating over 20 years, Nzone have taken over 170,000 people tandem skydiving since 1990 and pride ourselves on our high standard of operation and customer service. Our professional staff will give you the thrill of a lifetime with a one on one experience that will not be forgotten.

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