Move To Australia And Get Yourself On TV

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Do you have a one way ticket to Oz?

A brand new television series are looking for families who are heading for a new life in Australia and what to hear from you!

There are lots of us who dream of a life down under, but it’s only a few who actually make the move, up sticks and move their entire family to the other side of the world. This new documentary series is looking to celebrate this extraordinary journeys by following a series of charismatic families.

If you and your family or partner are emigrating down under in the next few months, Executive Producer of the documentary series Laurence Turnbull would love to hear from you. The series is looking to document the adventure of British couples of families who are heading to the other side of the world in pursuit of sun, sea and a brand new life. Each episode will follow the journey of a different family; the final build-up before they move, their arrival in Australia and the first year of their new lives.

For more information on getting involved, contact the team on 01273 224 800. Alternatively, email them at

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