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    Our Amazing Fraser Island Bucket List


    Many things can spring to mind when you think of Fraser Island. The long sand highway that stretches as far as the eye can see (75 miles to be exact), the wild dingoes roaming the beaches, crystal clear freshwater lakes in the middle of a thick rainforest, and a rusting shipwreck right on the shore with the waves lapping against it. In fact, there’s so much to see and do on Fraser Island, it even deserves its own bucket list. So here’s ours.


    fraser island

    Fraser Island is one of the best places on earth to be at the wheel of a 4WD. Driving down a wide open beach with the coast at your side, before delving deep along the bumpy tracks of the inner island into the rainforest, where ferns, water pools and walking trails are hidden beneath towering trees. The best way to travel along Fraser Island is in a 4WD so you get to all of the highlights of the island.

    Swimming In Lake McKenzie

    fraser island bucket list

    With over 100 freshwater lakes on Fraser Island, you’d think they’d all be equal, but Lake McKenzie is the most popular at 150 hectares and a depth of five metres. While impressively large, it’s the dramatic colours of the water that really amazes those that visit it. The water closest to the shore is crystal clear, quickly becoming turquoise, and then, in almost a perfect straight line, the water becomes a deep blue, like ink. Contrasting with the silica-cream sand, Lake McKenzie is an image of pure beauty.

    Camping On The Beach

    fraser island bucket list

    Imagine getting out of bed, opening your door and being greeted by one of the most stunning sunrises in the southern hemisphere. When camping on Fraser Island, you can achieve just this. Even better, if you’re with friends, bring some games, a guitar and some drinks, and chill out on the sand in the evening before fishing for your dinner. Just remember to leave the area as you found it!

    Delving Into The Rainforest

    fraser island bucket list

    The whole of Fraser Island is built on sand, so the fact that Central Station Rainforest was able to flourish is a mystery, but a glorious one. There’s an abundance of plant life to weave your way around, and the Wanggoolba Creek boardwalk passes through Basin Lake, Pile Valley and many other scenic spots.

    Visiting The Maheno Shipwreck

    4wd of Fraser Island

    The most famous shipwreck in Australia, a visit to the ruins of SS Maheno is unforgettable. The abandoned ship is a symbol of human history on an island overwhelmed with natural beauty, fantastically standing out from its surroundings. Rusting away due to the weather and saltwater, it has become one of the most scenic spots on the island, a real picture-perfect moment.

    You can tick off this incredible Fraser Island bucket list on a tour with Drop Bear Adventures.

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