Paul Oakenfold Interview

paul oakenfold interview

One of the biggest legends in house music, Paul Oakenfold has been with the club scene since the beginning. Continuing at the top of his game, the label owner, producer and DJ looks to the future with a worldwide tour on the horizon for 2017 and a quick stop off in Australia to see in 2017. Here we catch up with the incredibly successful musician to find out more about what he’s been up to and what’s in the pipeline.

Where are you right now and how is it?
I am in LA in the sunshine.

What have you been up to the last week?
I have just been in the studio recording.

It’s been a busy year as usual for you, where’s been a highlight on your globetrotting and why?
I think this year I have done some wonderful shows and have been working with an orchestra which I have being doing for 15 years. Next year is a big year as it’s the 30 year anniversary of club culture, as it’s known today, so I’m excited for that.

You played at Dark Woods Festival in Mexico, tell me what was that like?
Yeah what a great festival that is! I always enjoy Mexico. It’s one of my favourite countries and they have always been into electronic music there.

There are so many big festivals coming out of Central and South America at the moment, what do you think has brought this on? What’s the festival vibe like out there?
There are always many festivals there, South Americans love to enjoy themselves and have a great time.

Having had such an extensive career, what other trend music/festival wise do you see emerging?
I think at the moment we are going to see a big upswing going back to where it all started. We have seen that already in the UK actually so we will see a lot more, I think.

You’re heading out to Australia for the New Year, what would you say is the best thing about visiting Australia?
Well I’ve been going to Australia for the past 25 years so I have lots of friends there. I really enjoy going there, good people, good food, good wine – it’s a good time to be in Australia!

How’s all at Perfecto Records?
Yeah we have Perfecto House now, with all the house music –  Perfecto Black which is progressive and Perfecto Fluoro which represents underground music.

Do you get much downtime, and if so what do you like to do to unwind?
I watch a lot of movies!   

Living in the US is there anything you really miss about the UK or anything you wish you could get in the US that you can’t?
Friends, family, and certain English ways of course!

Can you sum up LA life in 3 words for us?
Hot. Every. Day. (Groundhog Day!)

If someone’s visiting LA where’s the best place to check out for a night out?
Avalon Nightclub or Sound Nightclub.

What are you currently listening to?
New Little Nikki records – a UK artist.

Where do you look for new music?
How do you gather inspiration when producing?
Anywhere, there is no certain place, it’s whatever suits you. You find it anyway you want and wherever you can. I listen to a lot of soundtracks.

What advice would you give to any DJ or producer trying to carve out a career nowadays in such a quick turn-around market?
Focus on yourself, don’t worry about anyone else, work really hard, learn your trade and you will become the best that you are and your time will come.

What’s been a major highlight for you in 2016? What’s been the most shocking thing to you in 2016?
I don’t think it’s been a good year for a lot of people, it’s been a really tough year for the world. Politically, what has been going on in the U.S., Brexit in the UK, the Middle East, situations with the refugees, iconic people dying, it’s not been a good year! The message here is to take a step back and help one another. Greed is becoming a big thing nowadays with everybody taking what they can and not helping each other. It feels good to smile and to help each other.

What’s on the cards for 2017?
Generations Tour – The 30 year anniversary of club culture as we know it today. It’s the big tour, I will be playing vinyl as well, it’s going to be an exciting year!
By Hannah Shakir