6 Reasons Why Springfest is Better Than Oktoberfest

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You might worry that if you’re not in Europe for September, you’re doomed to miss out on the Oktoberfest experience. Never fear, there’s more than one German festival dedicated to bier. Enter Springfest, aka Fruhlingsfest, A.K.A ‘Little Oktoberfest’. Like Oktoberfest, but better.

Springfest Frühlingsfest 2017

1. Better weather
As the name suggests, Springfest takes place during spring. In 2017, the golden showers will flow between April 21 and May 8, so you can expect the sun to be out, the flowers to be blooming and the birds to be singing you sweet German drinking songs as they sprinkle your dirndl-clad bosom with hop blossoms. Sure, it’s not the height of summer, but spring is certainly nicer than those cloudy days at the end of September, when winter obnoxiously decides to announce it’s on its way. Get tanked at Springfest and you might even get a tan.

2. Better crowd
Springfest is Oktoberfest on a “smaller” scale. There’s the same bier halls, just fewer open, meaning that they’re flooded with fewer tourists. Fruhlingsfest draws crowds of tens of thousands, rather than millions, and unlike Oktoberfest these crowds are largely local. You’ll learn to prost with the bustiest of Bavarians, making Springfest an all-round more authentic experience than sharing a table with a bus group full of Australians at Oktoberfest. Despite the largely local crowd, you’ll be welcomed with open arms and overzealous meetings of stein glasses, and these are seasoned stein fiends, far less likely to get overexcited and chunder all over your lederhosen.

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3. Better surf
The Eisbach (“ice brook” in German) is a refreshingly temperate man made river which flows through the beautiful Englischer Garten in Munich. If you need a day to heal your hangover, take a blanket and some snacks, go nap on the sunlit grass, and indulge in a hangover-curing float down the river. Near the top of the Eisbach, there’s even a man made wave where you can go for a surf. Get in there and let the ice brook’s frozen fingers fondle you back to health, we promise it’s invigorating.

4. All the same good bits and still better
Dirndls and lederhosen. Pretzels and pork knuckle and other Bavarian bites. Bier and braids. Carnival rides and fun-houses with psychedelic holographic glasses. Bands of Germans drunkenly playing instruments and leading the halls in choruses of drinking songs, the words to which you can only guess at. Springfest boasts all of the same delights beloved by fans of Oktoberfest, but better, because the queues are shorter. And there’s the added bonus of a carousel that doubles as a bar – round and round and round it goes, it won’t stop ‘til up you throws. [Video]

5. Better football
Football, the world sport, die Welt sport. If you’re in town for Springfest, it means you’re also in town for football season. Go check out FC Bayern Munchen at at Allianz Arena, or if that doesn’t suit your slim Springfest budget, head to a kneipe to watch them on the big screen amidst shouts of schizen!

Frühlingsfest munich

6. Stoke Travel – good, better, best
Yes, we know that Stoke is the best thing about Oktoberfest, so how could it be better at Springfest? That’s because Stoke Travel matures like a fine wine, and with each passing festival we learn how to get Stoked or die trying just a little bit better. Each time you come with Stoke, we’re the best we’ve ever been. Best fun, best looking, and best value for money. [Video]

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