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Perth to Monkey Mia 4 Day Coastal Loop (Standard Double/Twin Room)

Perth to Monkey Mia 4 Day Coastal Loop (Private Single Ensuite)

8 Day Perth to Exmouth West Coast Trip One Way

Ningaloo Reef (Exmouth) Tour

Perth to Exmouth Adventure (8-day return)


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Day 1 Perth to Exmouth Bus Tour

The four thousand-acre Kings Park near Swan River is Perth’s pride and joy. In this park, there is a seventeen-hectare botanical garden, with more than two thousand different species of plants that you should definitely find out about. Then later you catch a Bus tour operator to start your adventure to Exmouth. 

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Day 2 Perth to Exmouth Bus Tour Pinnacles Jurien Bay

The day starts from sunrise in the Pinnacles because this is the time that Pinnacles provides the most beautiful shade plus you’ll get to enjoy this desert’s views early in the morning. Afterwards, continue to Jurien Bay at Sandy Cape. There are unique, deserted, white sandy Western Australia beaches with dunes in the background. A short walk through the sand dunes feels like you are in the desert with just white sand for as far as the eye can see.

Gregory has a pink lake that you can see. However, you should arrive in Kalbarri National Park in the late afternoon to watch the sunset at the “Nature’s Window”. The Kalbarri National Park has some beautiful viewpoints and aside from “Nature’s Window” the “Z-Bone” is especially worth seeing.

The Pinnacles
The Pinnacles

Explore Darwin, Northern Territory

Day 3 Perth to Exmouth Bus Tour Shark Bay

Shark Bay is known for its unique white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters surrounded by red sand dunes. The region was incorporated as Australia’s first World Heritage Site. The World Heritage Drive is 155 km long and runs through the entire area from Hamelin Pool to Monkey Mia and passes through all the attractions.

Day 4 Perth to Exmouth Bus Tour Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia beach is gorgeous, dolphins and rays are at your feet and the blue waters are amazing. The dolphins come daily almost without exception supposedly 360 days a year. A couple of chosen participants are allowed to feed the dolphins.

Day 5 Perth to Exmouth Bus Tour Dive and Snorkel in Coral Bay

In Coral Bay, you should definitely go on a snorkelling or diving tour and discover the underwater world of the Ningaloo Reef. On these tours you can see sharks, rays, turtles, and other fish. The reef starts right from the beach, so you can easily snorkel directly from there. 

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Day 6 Perth to Exmouth Bus Tour swim with Whale Sharks

Swim with whale sharks. You can either dive, explore the coral reefs with an underwater scooter, or just snorkel on your own. The probability of seeing a whale shark is very high. Whale sharks swim very close to the water surface so a helicopter looks for them and then passes on their location to the various tour providers.

Whale Shark Season in Exmouth
The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is a slow-moving, filter-feeding carpet shark and the largest known extant fish species. The largest confirmed individual had a length of 18.8 m (61.7 ft). The whale shark holds many records for size in the animal kingdom, most notably being by far the largest living nonmammalian vertebrate.

Day 7  Exmouth to Perth Bus Tour

Return journey: If you want to return to Perth you take a Coach Service.

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