Planning to Attend the Venice Carnival? Make Sure to Check These Tips

Venice Carnival

Tips on Getting the Most out of Attending the Venice Carnival

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Except for winter months, Venice is a very popular tourist destination. The mesmerizing canals, unbelievable architecture and the overall dreamy scenario attracts millions of tourists every year. It’s true that being the only city in the world built on water also acts as an important factor when it comes to attracting tourists, however, there’s one more thing that tops any other reasons – the Venice Carnival. Once a year, Venice is transformed into a giant costumed party that everyone can attend. 18 days of fun, crazy costumes and infinite public and private events, activities, competitions and shows are what you’re looking at. We know, it may sound overwhelming at first, however, following our guide to making your way through the Venice Carnival will be of great help!

How to Reach the Venice Carnival?

If you’re heading to Venice from outside of the country, you will be happy to learn that you can take flight directly for the Venice International Airport – Marco Polo. If the airline companies in your country do not handle flights directly to Marco Polo, you can also choose to fly towards Treviso International Airport which stands a 40-minute drive from the floating city. You can also expect lower plane ticket rates if you choose Treviso. If you’re coming from Italy, you can opt for travelling by car, train or bus since the distance is much shorter.

Where to Stay During the Carnival?

This is the first big decision you’ll have to make. Venice is not exactly what you’d call a cheap destination and things don’t improve during the carnival. Quite the opposite, as one room per night, can reach exorbitant amounts. Since most of the action of the carnival will take place in St. Mark’s Square or around it, you’d want to get a room as close to that area as possible. If you don’t have an unlimited budget for this trip, a quick workaround would be to book the hotel as early as possible and get early-bird rates. Another solution to spending a lot less on accommodation is choosing AirBnB and you’ll have plenty of options and various price ranges. Compared to staying at a hotel, renting an apartment via AirBnB gives you the advantage of experience the true Venetian lifestyle.

What to Wear During the Carnival?

Wearing a costume is not mandatory, however, if you really want to get into the carnival atmosphere, you should at least get a mask. While a full traditional Venetian costume can be quite expensive, you can find some cheaper options as you venture further from the St. Mark’s square. The whole carnival experience is meant to be relaxing and a lot of fun so don’t stress too much on wearing a full costume, wear something that makes you comfortable and allows you to enjoy the festivities.

Should I Book Certain Events in Advance?

Most of the events during the carnival are free and don’t require pre-booking. However, if you want to explore everything Venice has to offer, make sure to book tours, boat trips and everything else you’d like to fit into your Venice trip. Also, you’d be heading into the city that hosted the first ever casino in the world – the Ridotto. Even though online casino real money play is more popular nowadays, if you want to experience the vibe of a traditional casino make sure to include the Casino of Venice on your list.

For all the other attractions of the Carnival, you will be able to find a complete schedule on the official website so that you can plan your trip accordingly. You must take into consideration that deciding to visit Venice during the Carnival is going to require a lot more time for you to cover all the must-see attractions, so make sure you plan ahead.

Other Helpful Tips

As mentioned earlier for accommodation, it is a good idea to book early for plane tickets, certain festival events or even restaurants. It is also recommended to do thorough research on restaurants since during the Carnival most of the places will be crowded.

Another important thing to consider, that you wouldn’t normally think of, concerns public restrooms. These are quite hard to come by in Venice so make sure you make the most of every restaurant or cafe you stop at.

If you decide to wear a costume, get ready for a photo shoot. The more elaborate your costume is, the more attention you will attract so just go with the flow and pose for photos as long as you’re comfortable in doing so.