Port Douglas Travel Tours Queensland

Port Douglas Travel Tours Queensland

Travel Port Douglas

IF you’re the kind of person who doesn’t enjoy stunning beaches, world class restaurantsport douglas image, elegant shopping and beautiful weather all year round then you should stop reading right now. But if you’re not crackers and this sounds good, then allow us to introduce you to a little place called Port Douglas. Port Douglas Travel Tours Queensland.

It’s only a one hour drive away from Cairns International Airport and serves as a great location for your next romantic getaway or relaxing vacation. The area is known for its high end accommodation and it can be a haven for rich folk, but there is definitely down-to-earth vibe here.

Port Douglas Travel Tours Queensland

The relaxed locals are able to balance out the swanky feel that the tourism brings in and it makes for a rather pleasant environment. During your stay in Port Douglas you must check out the tremendous Four Mile Beach which is blanketed by white sand and filled with picturesque palms. It is only a five minute walk from the main Port Douglas district and it is well worth it. This is a very friendly beach for everyone, you will see ghost crabs running around in the sand and it’s a great place for safe exploring.

During the stinger season they even put up a net to help ensure that no one has an unwanted run-in with one of these devilish creatures. But there will be multiple consequences if you think you have the bright idea of trying to swim outside the net barriers. You will find that the beach continues as far as the eye can see and there isn’t the slightest sign of development.

All of the nearby homes are hidden behind the beautiful palms for a nice, reclusive feeling. One of the most unique activities available in Port Douglas can be found at the Rainforest Habitat and Wildlife Sanctuary. Here you can partake in “Breakfast with the Birds” and it’s guaranteed to turn out better than the time you got attacked by that emu after feeding it stale biscuits. It’s a wildlife sanctuary where you can dine with koalas, kangaroos, crocs, parrots, wading birds and cassowaries. The breakfast ain’t bad either. You’ll enjoy a buffet of tropical and exotic fruits, eggs, bacon, and bottomless cups of tea, coffee and juices. It’s a great way to interact with the wildlife while still being a sheltered from any real danger.

Now we know some of you simply cannot resist shopping no matter where you are, but you’re in luck because this isn’t a town that sells only tourist drivel. Every Sunday a market is very fittingly held in Market Park and you’ll find tonnes of great stuff. Thport douglas market picturee area is bordered by the Dickson Inlet and Wharf Street and you can see the gorgeous Coral Sea and mountain ranges in the distance.
It has been running every Sunday for 20 years and features more locally made goods than you’ll know what to do with. You can also grab some fresh fruit and veggies or head to the nearby Deli on Grant for an affordable lunch.

The beaches are great, the shopping is just dandy and the attractions are sure to keep you entertained for hours. But if there’s one thing to truly marvel over in Port Douglas it’s the brilliant and extensive dining options. There are dozens of incredible restaurants here that offer a great variety of options.

If you’re still looking for more during your stay here then you might think that you’re out of luck. We would also think that you’re more difficult to please than you look. However Port Douglas also features a variety of tours of the surrounding areas, so take that you high-maintenance pricks! You have the option to head over to the Daintree Rainforest or even see the entire area from high up in a hot air balloon. There are countless things to do if you search for them, so be sure to explore your many options while in this breathtaking port. Port Douglas Travel Tours Queensland.

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