Rainbow Beach Queensland Travel Tours

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To this day Rainbow Beach remains hidden from the vast majority of backpackers visiting Oz. It is a well kept rainbow beach picturesecret where visitors are greeted by friendly locals and spectacular views. Named after its multicolored cliffs and beautiful sunsets, this beach will leave even the most fatigued travelers glad they made the trip. Enjoy breathtaking views, surfing, and scuba diving. Rainbow beach even offers hiking and self-drive tours to near-by Fraser Island. Rainbow Beach Queensland Travel Tours.

Those who feel adventurous can stop by Rainbow Paragliding for a chance to soar above the Carlo Sandblow where the national hang gliding championships are held each January. However, if you don’t want to risk looking like a fool or severely injuring yourself then perhaps the diving is more appropriate for you. The Wolf Rock Diving Centre is a great opportunity for divers to see gropers, turtles, manta rays, and nurse sharks (we are told they’re harmless). But if that’s still not your thing you have the option to take a half-day 4WD tour along the beach at Surf and Sand Safaris.
Rainbow Beach has many accommodations for backpackers despite not being a well-know spot. There are roughly 5 hotels in the area and plenty of places to stop in for a meal and a drink. The reclusive environment is part of this area’s appeal but visitors will always feel more relaxed than stranded.

Rainbow Beach Queensland Travel Tours

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