“YOU say you wanna revolution, well you know…” sang The Beatles back in 1968.
Well now they’ve given us one in the form of Revolution One: Take 20.
The Fab Four (right) rutleshaven’t reformed, it’d be mainly drum and bass if they did, instead the track is a previously unreleased version of Revolution 1 which, supposedly, explains the evolution into another song, Revolution 9.
The main difference in the ‘new’ version of ‘Revolution 1′ and the version of the same song that appeared on ‘The Beatles’ (commonly known as ‘The White Album’) is the track’s length.
The unreleased version is a full seven minutes longer than its released counterpart and you can hear the band members talking and coming up with ideas.
The recording has also made the history books as the first known recording of four scousers working at the same time.


GLASTONBURY’S reputation as the king of alternative festivals continues to slide following the confirmation that Bruce Springsteen will headline this year.
The festival, which became boring after 2000 when the wall went up and loads of Guardian-reading families started going, is also rumoured to be hiring Blur and Neil Young as the other headliners.
Sounds ace.yokel
“I’m so pleased that Bruce Springsteen has agreed to come to Worthy Farm for the first time,” said festival chief Michael Eavis (pictured with his daughter).
“He’s one of the all-time rock legends and I’m confident that this will be one of our best shows ever. He’s also a Barack Obama supporter, which makes two headliners in a row who’ve backed the new President.”
You’ll be glad to hear that tickets have already sold out so there’s no chance of being roped into going by your Boss-loving mate.

• GLASTONBURY may be as dull as shit this year but, conversely, Eurovision could actually be interesting for once next year.
A Facebook campaign to get Art Brut frontman and general oddball Eddie ‘popular in Germany’ Argos to represent the UK in 2010 has already begun.
Bizarrely, Argos (below) is keen on the idea and is hoping side project Glam Chops will be selected.igor
“I really was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t set up by my mum or a member of Glam Chops,” he wrote of the campaign. “I love Eurovision. I don’t know how likely our chances of playing on it are, but you never know.”
We wouldn’t hold our breath Eddie. Seeing as they’ve tried to inject a bit of excitement into things this year by hiring Andrew Lloyd-fucking-Webber, we get the feeling we’ll be hearing nil points for a quite a while yet.

• PURPLE-HEADED molehill Prince performed a string of covers at his post-Oscars bash and even allowed members of the public to watch.
We knew he was skint these days but we didn’t realise he was Michael Jackson desperate.
Fans lined up outside the venue for hours after hearing that they would be allowed access to the event at the Avalon club in Hollywood for $100 per ticket.
Prince (pictured)prince performed a two-hour set including covers of The Beatles’ ‘Come Together’, The Rolling Stones’ ‘Honky Tonk Woman’ and Jimmy Eat World’s ‘The Middle’, as well as renditions of ‘Crimson and Clover’, ‘Wild Thing’ and ‘Play That Funky Music’.
Thankfully, he didn’t play any of his own songs from the last decade.

• SAUCER of milk to Cilmi’s table please.
Cat-fighting Aussie Gabriella Cilmi (right) says les pretend pop rival Katy Perry shouldn’t have won the Brit Award for Best International Female – an award she was nominated for as well.pocahontas_1_952
The soon-to-be-forgotten hotty said she was shocked Perry, who was up against her, Beyonce, Pink and Santogold, won.
Somehow we don’t think Katy, who went triple platinum with ‘I Kissed A Girl’, will be worried about someone who will forever be known as the bird who sang that song from the Sure advert.


“We’re in Rome. They had Sky News at the hotel. I kept seeing re-runs of the BRITs. My God, you could smell the cheese from the Colosseum.”
Noel’s less-than-glowing verdict on this year’s Brit Awards.

• BEST buddies in bland Chris Martin and Gary Barlow have been fighting over who writes the greatest songs.
That is a tricky one, we reckon Lennon has the edge over McCartney.
Oh right, they’re on about each other. Surely whoever writes a good one first should be the winner – that’s 19 years and counting for fat boy Barlow.
“It was all in jest as they’ve developed a surprisingly strong friendship despite being from very different pop and rock worlds,” said a source.
david-pleat“Each has racked up plenty of famous songs, but they eventually decided to call it even.”
Those crazy bastards. A nil-nil draw? If these two get any more boring they’ll turn into David Pleat (left).

• NOW there’s two more reasons not to go to the Isle of Wight with the announcement that Razorlight and Stereophonics were added to the line-up for the backward island’s annual festival.
The bands will co-headline at the event, which already has The Prodigy, The Ting Tings, Basement Jaxx and Pendulum playing on the opening night.
This could be your last chance to knob the bird out of the Ting Tings before they fade into obscurity forever so, if you can put up with the buck-toothed big-eared locals, you might want to give it a go.


NO, we’re still not going to make any jokes about the bushfires.Instead we’ll just let you know that there’s actually a couple of good gigs coming out of it as a result.
A bunch of decent bands will play at two benefit shows, dubbed Sound Relief, in Melbourne and Sydney, with Kings of Leon and Coldplay headlining respectively.
Other bands appearing at Sydney include The Presets, the Hoodoo Gurus, Josh Pyke and a few shit bands we can’t be arsed to name but there could well be more acts added in the coming days.
In Melbourne, Gabriella Cilmi, Jack Johnson, Midnight Oil and Liam Finn will be playing, again with a bunch of shit bands as back up.
In true Phil Collins style, Wolfmother and Jet will play in both cities on the same day.
The gigs will take place on March 14, at the Melbourne and Sydney Cricket Grounds.
See for more information.