Riverboat Bungalow Backpackers Mildurah

the staff at riverboat backpackers hostel

the staff at riverboat backpackers hostelAddress: 27 Chaffey Avenue, Mildura.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0447 967 537 or 0418 147 363

Enjoy our relaxed “HOME AWAY FROM HOME” atmosphere in our working hostels. We boast mainly hourly rate positions, year round. You will meet long life friends while staying and working together at Riverboat Bungalow and Zippy Koala in Mildura.

Mildura is a large regional centre in Victoria with every facility you need. Hostel accommodation and bus transport to work are provided. Earn brilliant money under Australian Award terms and conditions.

We have been owned and operated by fellow backpackers since 1998, the people who know what it is to travel!
We are a working hostel, providing our guests a variety of jobs (depending on the season). Most jobs are hourly rates ranging from 14 to 16 dollars per hour. We also assist with farm accomodation.
– Grape picking/packing and vine training
– Citrus work
– Factory work
– Hospitality
– Building
– Engineering
– Construction
– Health and Science
– Administration

Please call or email to get the latest information on the actual work situation!

Correct 10 June 2009
Dorm $140 per person/ special weekly rate
Nightly rate $25 per night
Vip nightly $24 per night
Double $25 per person per night
Vip Double $24 per person per night
Double weekly $140 per person per week
We have a wireless hot spot which is $4 a hour for hostel computers or $2 an hour for your wireless device.

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