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Backpacker Tours from Sydney with Coast Warriors: Get ready to be blown away by the incredible range of activities, tours, and things to do right here in Sydney. Whether you’re a nature lover, a culture enthusiast, or a thrill-seeker, this city has got it all. So, buckle up and let’s dive into the endless possibilities awaiting you in Sydney.

What is Coast Warriors?

Coast Warriors is a young Australian tour company that focuses on backpacker tours from Sydney, travelling at an enjoyable and slower pace. We aim to show backpackers travelling the East Coast of Australia the best spots and the hidden gems of Australia in a unique, personal, affordable and fulfilling way.

How did the idea come about?

After an extensive period of travel, one night in 2015 the three of us sat down over a some cleansing ales in London. We got talking about what we were going to do when we got back home to Sydney and about wanting to travel the east coast of Australia ourselves.
We decided not to go back our boring jobs and to start up a tour company that is orientated to the youthful traveller that is fun, affordable and chilled out.
After many months of study and red tape we are happy to say we are a fully accredited tour operator! We have and will continue to do tours all over Australia.
I am really looking forward to the future when we can turn a few more of our plans into reality and transform Coast Warriors into what we envisioned.

There’s already so many coach trips? What makes you different?

There are a few reasons that make us stand apart from our competitors.

Coast Warriors is a young business, in time of operation and ideology. Its owned and staffed by only two Aussie guys and myself. All of us in our mid 20’s with 7+ years backpacking experience under our collective belts. From all that time abroad we have developed an understanding of what people desire when travelling so we aim to make Coast Warriors as backpacker friendly as possible.

One of the ways we do this by personally going along on every Coast Warriors trip. Being our own bosses really helps us give our customers the freedom and flexibility of choice with their tour, helping them get the most out of their time in this great country.

We try our hardest to spend the most time in all the good places where people want to be like Byron bay, Magnetic Island, Cairns etc. And pretty much avoid places like Bundaberg where there really isn’t a whole lot going on unless you are doing farm work.

Backpacker tours Sydney
We also have decided to run a “Bloody Legends” promotion to reward the good people of our tours and give back to the community. If our backpackers decide to donate blood or buy a sandwich for a Homeless person and can give us evidence of them doing so we will give them a discount of any one of our tours.

We only use our 22 seater bus we call Trudy. We feel it keeps things more connected and intimate and aids in people making friends. With our bigger tours we have seen some very close friendships develop and the whole group are almost like family by the end of it.

The accommodation on our tours is a mix of camping (equipment provided) and dorms. So people get to camp out in the middle of nature but also get to mingle with other travellers at hostels.

I don’t really see a lot of other companies offering camping. Which I don’t understand because it’s great fun and some people have never had the chance. Amongst nature is one of the best ways to experience Australia so we include camping in all of our overnight tours.

We have a few more plans down the road and I think in time it is only going to be more and more clear that we are unlike a lot of these other companies and we are something more unique.

Who’s a typical Coast Warriors Passenger?

We have had a wide variety of people on our tours from all different countries and walks of life. We have had awesome slack jawed texans who endeavoured to drink their entire body weight in goon, to a french aristocrat who had been travelling for over 11 years.
We tailor our tours towards young adults so we have an age restriction of 18-35 and with our big multi day tours such as Sydney to Cairns we try to ensure a 50/50 ratio of guys and girls so we don’t end up having a tour that seems like a travelling rugby team or a 22 day long hens night. It just works better with equality and nobody is left out.

What locations do you visit? Is there anywhere off the typical tourist run?

We have been all over Australia from Blue Mountains, Port Stephens, Jarvis Bay, Cape Tribulation, Fraser Island, Whitsundays, Magnetic Island, Cairns, 12 Apostles to name a few.

Some lesser known places we have visited that spring to mind could be and abandoned hotel in the middle of a rainforest, social nights to Bradley’s head and then to a drive in cinema, a natural waterslide in the middle of the bush in far north Queensland and sand boarding was pretty unreal as well.

What does a typical day for a Coast Warrior look like?

Depends. On our multi day tours you might start off by rolling out of your tent in the morning and hitting a beach or having breakfast while staff pack up camp. Then we usually make the most of the day by spending it either at a city/town, visiting national parks, waterfalls, beaches depends on the day’s plan. Then we do the driving towards the end of the day and use big lights to set up camp in the darker hours.  Night times usually consist of having a family meal then either hitting the town or doing a movie night or just unwinding after a long day.

How do you book?

People interested in doing a tour can book online at our website or shoot us a message on our Facebook page

what plans do we have for the future?

During the colder months we operate tours to The Blue Mountains and do Sydney to Cairns roadtrips. Winter is the best time to travel up north because its dry season so its still warm, the sun is shining but without the humidity and daily rain. Its also not jelly fish season so you can get into the water without fear of impending doom via 9m long box jelly fish stingers that floating translucantly in the water.

Backpacker Bus Tours Sydney

This summer we are planning on adding a few more tours Hunter Valley, Getting our Port Stephens tour back up and running also are looking forward to revamping our Royal National Park tour with the addition of the Figure 8 Pools. Also getting our Summer Blue Mountains is a lot of fun.

Ideally down the road we would like to have a bus doing day trips in Sydney, day trips in Melbourne and one doing the East Coast but that won’t be for a while unfortunately.

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