Bar girl pouring a beer in an Adelaide sports bars

The Best Adelaide Sports Bars

Bar girl pouring a beer in an Adelaide sports bars

If you have just landed in Adelaide there are plenty of sports bars in Adelaide which will satisfy your passion, there are Adelaide sports bars that offer 24 hours live sport on Setanta
sport channels, you need never worry about that jet lag just get on with your normal
life and sleep all day and watch soccer all night.

Adelaide sports bars are a haven for those who take their sports seriously, most sports
bars are fitted out with plasma screens and there is plenty of cold beer on tap. From
footy to the gallops you can get on top of your favourite game, some Adelaide sports
have as many as 28 screens so there is no need to worry about what someone else
wants to watch, there will always be a screen for you particular passion.

There are few dedicated sports bars in Adelaide, however many of the pubs and
bars do have screens, albeit not as many as the big sport bars, but there is still an
opportunity to watch a game or two over a quiet pint.



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