Sandboarding in Lancelin, Western Australia

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Get your adrenaline fix in Western Australia…

Lancelin may only be a small town on the coast of Western Australia but it is a also a relaxing oasis for those looking for a bit of a break. Crystal clear waters and white sand dunes attract visitors from all around the country to try their hand at sandboarding and kitesurfing.

If the extreme sports aren’t for you then sit back, relax and observe the breathtaking marine and bird life that call the small town, and its twin offshore island, home. Expect to see resting sea lions, various seabirds that breed on Lancelin’s small offshore islands and of course dolphins, lots and lots of dolphins.

Lancelin also attracts 4WD offroading enthusiasts with its precarious sand dunes and peaks, so much so that there is in fact an inaugural festival to show off the machines, match them against each other and this year, even attempt a Guinness World Record.

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