Shipping from the UK to Australia – Top Tips

Shipping from UK to Australia

Decided to make the big move abroad to Australia and settle in for a life of sun, sea, and surf?

Well you may want to consider shipping your belongings out there, as starting from scratch can be expensive.

If you’d rather use your hard earned cash on exploring all that Australia has to offer, and need to set some aside for a steep rental deposit, then it’s probably wise to spend your money carefully and take with you what you can for your new start Down Under.

Shipping from the UK to Australia – Top tips

1. Your beloved sofa

If you, like many people, have a special bond with your sofa, and feel all weekends in your future sunny life will be ruined without it, then fear not, with Seven Seas Worldwide they offer the fabulous MoveCube®, which means you can pack up all your necessary furniture into one cube that will arrive at your new destination.

2. Plan ahead

If you haven’t quite sorted out where you’re going to live when you reach Australia’s sunny shores then work out where your can get storage close to your temporary accommodation.

3. Pack carefully

Don’t go to all the trouble of packing up your beloved possessions if you’re not going to do it properly. Invest in proper packing materials and boxes to ensure your stuff gets there in one piece!

4. Relax

Once you’ve finished all that packing, relax and let Seven Seas Worldwide do the hard work, just remember your passport and visa for when you arrive!

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