Shipping to Australia with Move Corp

Shipping to Australia with Move Corp

Shipping to Australia

So, are you moving to Australia for a new job… Or are you moving back home? Either way moving to Australia is always exciting but also daunting. You’ll be sure to encounter new experiences and adventures and with the right amount of planning, research and preparation, your move down under can be a smooth one.
But there is one thing that always weighing down on everyone’s mind when it comes to moving and that is how to bring your belongings with you. It’s hard to make the decision on bringing your beloved sofa and antique french cabinet or what about the kitchen sink… Haha, but seriously, things like a sofa which can be expensive in Australia could be a good idea, but kitchen sinks and white goods, you may be better off selling and buying again, if it’s time for an update anyway. Here’s a few helpful need to know facts for shipping to Australia.

Shipping to Australia – Need to know Facts

There are 2 options when it comes to shipping to Australia – either you do it yourself, or get a company to handle it for you. 

Shipping to Australia – Do-It-Yourself

You must be courageous if you’re thinking of doing it yourself. There are two sides with this option when shipping to Australia or anywhere else in the world for that matter. If you’re brave enough to apply for all the documents, fill dozens of forms and get approvals then you will get the satisfaction of saving some of your hard earn money.
But on the other hand, you have to make sure you take extra care in to packing your items safely (if you want to find you favourite cabinet comes out the same way it went in the container). Then there’s the time spent on a mountain of paperwork filing and approvals can rocket from hours to days, if you’re not careful. After all, we’ve all seen Australia Border Security before.
If you’re firm on DIY then the best advice we can give is to plan, research and prepare.

Check what you pack

Learn from the people who have gone through the process and learn all the obstacles coming your way and arm yourself, before facing them. And whether you’re going to manage the process yourself or not, always consider what you pack and bring with your carefully.
Not only do you need to check what you can legally bring to Australia but there’s also the cost of shipping. If you’re sending bags or boxed items you may be charged by weight, but if you’re taking a container, then the shipment may be based on size.
Read government websites regarding custom regulations about shipping abroad

Shipping to Australia with an international removal company

If you decide to handover your valuables to a company, you might want to be sure about Company’s reputation and the services provided to measure if you receive a package to match your fees.
You will have to pay more than when you do it yourself but you will get your valuables in one piece to your new destination unharmed. And considering the amount of time you save and avoiding the stress of having to go through the mammoth task list alone should make you feel like you saved a million.

Shipping to Australia with Move Corp

Companies like Move Corp will make sure you get a service worth your money by making sure you receive:

  • A dedicated move coordinator to organise your relocation
  • Packing of your belongings in the strongest, industry-approved materials
  • Loading of your items onto a shipping container and shipping to your chosen country
  • Belongings cleared at customs and delivered to your desired address and unpacked
  • Customs clearances, terminal fees, shipping fees and insurance

Movecorp is a leading provider of local, national and international freight services. You will be given your own move coordinator to help you step-by-step when using shipping containers to ensure you understand each part of the process and that you are getting the right shipping container to suit your needs and budget.
They had us sold at “packing your belongings”. We all know how taunting packing and unpacking can be, we all have that ‘one friend’ who has few boxes still stacked in an unused room 18 months after moving. Don’t be that guy, get organised and make sure shipping to Australia is the least stressful part of your relocation down under.
Ask Move Corp for a Free International Shipping Quote and they will handle the rest.
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