Sonus Festival 2015


Sonus Festival is taking over Croatia.

Now there’s a chance for you to bask in the joy of music! Sonus Festival Music Marathon will be having a 5-day date with Croatia from 16th August to 21st August 2015.

Sonus Festival is a ‘too good to be true’ opportunity for underground music lovers. It invites talented underground musicians to gather up and show their dance music passion. Being blessed by a heap of supporters in last year, it’s continuing its underground music goodness in 2015.

To you music lovers, early bird tickets are now available from 12th December, starting at €129. Come sign up at to be the first to know the latest information and enter the Sonus Festival tickets giveaway lottery.

What: Sonus Festival 2015
When: 16th August to 21st August 2015
Where: Zrc Beach, Croatia
More info:


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