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Have a Blast When Traveling Alone With These Tips

Traveling by yourself can be one of life's most rewarding and eye-opening experiences. It allows you to go at your own pace, explore new places, and discover different cultures. But if it’s your first...

Essential travel gadgets for round the world trips

Photo courtesy of Drop Bear Adventures If you are a traveler and you travel often, there are certain gadgets that you should always have on your shelf for those urgent craves to travel. This article...
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The best ways to cut your costs to travel

The best ways to cut your costs to travel So, you want to travel but you have no money saved to go? You see your friends’ photos of them travelling the world, you see various...
India Travel Tips

India Travel Tips For First Timers

Travelling to India for the first time? Travel Talk Tours give their top India travel advice to prepare you for your first trip to India.  India is a dizzying mix of amazing food, people,...
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Travel Tips For Indonesia

With over 13,000 islands, 252 million people, countless sprawling white sand beaches, towering volcanoes, and world's second highest biodiversity, Indonesia has something to offer everyone. Here are some of our top travel tips on making your...
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How To Survive Backpacking In Western Australia

So you’ve arrived in Perth and you’ve got several weeks ahead of you free to travel through Australia’s largest and most diverse State, however you, like most working holiday makers have the sinking worry...
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How To Stay Safe Whilst Travelling Western Australia

As Australia’s largest State, WA offers an enormous amount of diversity for any traveller. From the bustling city of Perth to the remote outback of the Kimberley Region the differences are almost incomprehensible for...
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Ten Tips To Travelling Solo In Australia

So you’ve reached that age where you want to see the world and travel solo. Although it may seem daunting, here are ten handy tips for making the most of solo travel in Australia. Pack...