Ten Tips To Travelling Solo In Australia

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So you’ve reached that age where you want to see the world and travel solo. Although it may seem daunting, here are ten handy tips for making the most of solo travel in Australia.

Pack your bag or suitcase with just the essentials

Packing for anything is always difficult, you will want to take all your shoes, clothes for all weathers, tonnes of travel guides and god knows what else, but you won’t have the room. Leave at home everything you can buy whilst in Australia, which is most of your toiletries and other daily products. Make sure you pack at least one pair of comfortable walking shoes; you can buy cheap flip-flops, sun hats and other beachwear in Australia.

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 Do your research

The best thing you can do when travelling alone is to know where to find the best places to stay at some of Australia’s best affordable hostels. Buy yourself a map and pinpoint where exactly you want to go, things you want to see, and then locate your hostels afterwards. Join www.yha.com.au, for discounts, promotions, tips and a listing of the most successful Australian hostels. You’re going to want to be spontaneous on where you stay, however book accommodation for your first night so you have time to plan your route and find your feet.

Keep all your personal information scanned and kept on email

Anything can go missing or stolen on your travels; the majority of things can be rebought, however your personal information is one thing that takes precious time and money to replace. Scanning everything onto your emails before you leave for Australia is a priority. Your passport, health insurance, travel insurance, ID and anything crucial on your travels need to be copied in case it goes missing.

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Don’t feel like you have to travel with people you don’t know

You are inevitably going to meet people whilst in Australia. Being on your own, you’ll meet people to talk to and share your experiences with. However if you don’t feel comfortable going off with someone you met at a hostel or trip, then do not feel obliged to go on with him or her. If your trip was to gain some ‘me time’, then there is no harm in a polite ‘no’ if you want to do things on your own terms. There are always going to be other travellers, like yourself, and people you may become long-life friends with.

Keep a log of emergency numbers

You’ll probably never need them, but knowing you have an emergency number can give you the confidence to deal with awkward situations and of course, emergencies. Make sure you take a cheap phone with you, you never know when you’ll need it.

Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin

Take lots of pictures and buy memorabilia

Disposable cameras are your best bet for your trip. They’re cheap, light, and you can’t lose any photos, but you may need to buy a few if you plan on taking lots of photos. Don’t buy too much at the beginning of your trip; save your entire souvenir shopping for the end of your tour, you don’t want to be carrying around anything that is easily damaged. Make sure you have a lot of interesting things to take home, it will remind you of your amazing trip.

Be OK with looking worse for wear

If you class yourself as high maintenance, you might want to get into the habit of looking after yourself a little less. There’s a small chance that you’ll have access to hair straighteners, irons and long length mirrors in hostels. It may actually help your self-esteem and you won’t have the space to pack hundreds of products.

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Go on some tours

Australian tours are better than any other tours. Spend a few nights sleeping under the stars, cook in the outback, meet new people, and see some of Australia’s extravagant sights. Taking a 3-7 day tours to visit secret islands and canyons will ensure you’ll get the most out of your trip. You’ll be in the best hands, as Australian tour guides are the friendliest and know the best things to see and do.

Be careful with your money

Budget how much you want to spend everyday. Keep some emergency money somewhere different in your bag, so you’ll have back up to spend for emergencies and souvenirs. Hostels in Australia start from $30, so you’ll need to keep the cash for accommodation and tours.

Make the most of it

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so make the most of it! Do things you could never imagine yourself doing, be spontaneous and meet new people. Travelling solo in Australia may seem quite scary, however 80% of travellers are solo, so you’re not alone. Australia is a country full of wondrous opportunities and you want to make the most of the time you have there, enjoy!

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