The Changing Face of Australian Migration

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Australian Immigration law and policy is shifting greatly in relation to the skills attributes and characteristics of a permanent resident visa applicant who can expect to be successful in their application.

On 1 July 2011, the Australian government is expected to release a new points test for independent skilled migration to Australia.

Simply put, older more experienced skilled professionals and trades people from English speaking backgrounds that are not eligible under the existing regime can become eligible under the new regime.

As an example a 39 year old Engineer, Nurse or IT professional with 8 years experience from an English speaking background could very well satisfy the points test once it passes into law.

If you are from England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Canada, USA, or have very strong English skills, and wish to migrate to Australia, it will be well worth your while to look again at your eligibility.

However, the new English language requirements, and associated points, will act as a barrier to many migrants who have English as a second language. Younger, less experienced migrants will also struggle to satisfy the new points test.

Also, in reducing the number of occupations available for skilled independent permanent migration from 400+ to 181 occupations, the Australian government is focused on pushing Australian visa applicants to first secure a job and a work place sponsor to then allow them to open up potential permanent residence pathways. With the support and sponsorship of your employer, there are a number of permanent residence pathways available to you, whether you are in or outside of Australia.

Also, higher points are being awarded for years of Australian working experience meaning older applicants in Australia working on subclass 457 temporary working visas may also find themselves eligible for permanent residence under the new points test after 1 July 2011.

It is important to note the list of occupations available for permanent residence under the Employer Nomination Scheme migration pathways has not been reduced and remains very broad indeed.

Australian immigration law and policy is very dynamic and constantly changing. As one door shuts, another one opens. If you are an experienced professional or trades persons, suffering the effects of the Global Financial Crisis, such as workers in Ireland are, I suggest it might be time to look to migrating Australia once again for future security.

There will also be many potential visa applicants who should act quickly to lodge before 1 July 2011 or see their opportunity for Australian permanent residence lost.

Remember, it is important to have accurate and up-to-date legal advice and assistance in preparing your Australian permanent residence application because quite simply, your future is riding on it!

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is meant to be indicative only and should be seen as a general informative guide to the visa application processes.

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