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Top Countries For Medical Tourism: More and more people are going abroad for medical treatment due to long waiting lists and cost. In the UK, breast enlargement surgery can cost up to £5,000 where as Longevita breast enlargement procedures in Turkey can cost as much as £2,800. More than 63,000 UK residents travel abroad to receive medical treatment every year. Find out what the top destinations are for medical tourism below.


Mexico is one of the most popular locations for medical tourism for American’s due to one reason: its proximity. Over 1.1 million people visit Mexico from the United States alone to receive medical treatments. It’s known as one of the best places for weight-loss remedies and surgeries, as well as fantastic dental care alike.


Singapore is known for its top medical care. The government has made investing in resources towards maintaining the country’s hospitals efficiency and excellence a top priority. People visit Singapore from around the world for a number of care related reasons including cardiology and oncology. Some even travel as far for organ transplants.


In recent years, India’s medical tourism audience has blossomed. A lot of people travel to India to receive the same medical treatment as home for a fraction of the cost. Its private hospitals provide some of the best medical treatments in the world, which is why many who visit seek fertility care, cardiac surgery or orthopaedic surgery.


Despite Turkey previously being known for its natural beauty and cultural history, it is now one of the most popular medical tourism destinations. For more than 10 years, people from across the globe have been flying to Turkey to get access to less expensive cardiac care, orthopaedic care and cancer treatments. A common reason why people visit is for laser eye treatments due to the affordable yet professional services the country’s hospitals provide.


Medical treatment might not be the first thing to come to mind when considering medical treatment abroad, but more people are heading there to undertake reasonably priced cosmetic procedures. Most treatments are less than half the cost than having them in your home country – no wonder as many as 90% of medical tourists chose to travel to Thailand to receive their treatment.


Medical tourism is on the rise. People can receive the medical treatment they want and make incredible savings having it done abroad, yet these treatments are still performed at an excellent standard. Despite the potential inconvenience of travelling abroad, it also provides a great opportunity to visit amazing destinations and combine surgery and a holiday into one. But before you embark on your medical journey abroad, consider what the standard of healthcare facilities are out there as well as the tourist facilities available to you. Also beware of any visas you may need to apply for to enter the country. You may be eligible to receive a medical visa in certain destinations if you are visiting specifically for that reason.

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