Themed Pubs in Melbourne

themed pubs in Melbourne

Victoria’s state capital of Melbourne is constantly evolving in terms of the avenues for entertainment, meet-ups and eateries. With more Melbournians opting for the unusual than the quiet setting of a table for two, more interesting theme watering holes keep popping up every single month. Those travelling to this part of Australia will agree that one visit is insufficient to sample the eccentric and downright amazing themed pubs the city has to offer. From settings that mimic your school science laboratory to Tiki rooms and escape bars or World War themed venues the list is diverse as it is awe inspiring. For an unforgettable night of interesting themed pubs Melbourne, read on for our pick of the best of the night.
Themed Pubs in Melbourne
Whilst on your east coast Australia tours you can’t beat having a shindig in a themed Pub! As it is amongst the best things to do in Sydney, and so to is it in Melbourne, if not even more so.
The Croft Institute
Address:  21 Croft Alley Melbourne, VIC, Australia,+61 03 9671 4399
Aptly named and perfectly located down an almost eerie alleyway, the Croft Institute is somewhat of a Dr. Jekyll meets Hide kinda of feel. Themed after a scientific laboratory, the bar area is dressed up with bottle, beakers, Bunsen burners and glass jars in a very dimly lit atmosphere. The venue is divided into two floors and the ground floor is were visitors get to select their portion shaken and stirred by the attending scientist cum bar tender. Drinks are served with syringes immersed inside which give it a perfect lab experiement touch. Upstairs is where the washrooms can be found. However, the hallway has been made up like a corridor that leads to a doctor’s office. The dim lighting and the random hospital bed give the space a somewhat eerie abandoned asylum chamber feels to it. For those who can master the courage to walk past, the DJs will be spinning tracks on the second floor at the ‘gymnasium.’
29th Apartment
Address : 29 Fitzroy St, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia
Another quirky yet beautiful setting  found down Fitzroy Street is the 29th apartment . To set foot in here is to actually go back in time. The venue is recreated to resemble the apartment of infamous painter and street walker Katishe. It is said she worked the streets of St. Kilda by night to support her passion of being a fully fledged artiste. What visitors will appreciate is that its made up much like a new city apartment. Crates turned over with cushions for seating, TV sets that play bygone films and games like Connect Four and Jenga strewn all over the place. And true to an apartment it comes with a bedroom, dining area and plenty of spirits to go around.
Address : The Basement 377 Lonsdale St Melbourne VIC, Australia
The thinking behind Trapt is simple – its to have a cause for celebration. This themed venues incorporates thrilling team building concepts of looking for clues, working out puzzles and escaping enclosures. Trapt comes with four types of challenges played out through differently laid out multi sensory activities.  Challenges include those similar to Alice’s Wonderland, locating a missing scientist, and breaking out of a dingy dungeon. For those who relish a team building experience Trapt is the place to have fun and bond with your mates. For those who manage to escape with every member in towe, they can look forward to a celebration with a drink.
Australia has themed pubs in every city. From Sydney to Brisbane and even Adelaide. If you are headed West on  Perth to Broome Tours it is a perfect opportunity to find your mixture of adventure and themed giddy ups.. But don’t be in a rush, make sure you don’t miss out on these themed pubs in Melbourne.