Themed restaurants and bars in Sydney

three beers on a bar in a sydney pub
themed pubs in sydney

Having done the round of coffeehouses, food trucks, street food and wayside eateries and alleyway café’s your ready to explore the other side of Sydney. The quirky and the unusual side and see a bit of the creative genius of its entrepreneurs through their themed restaurants and pubs. From milk bars that mimic a 1950s theme, to Jamaican and Scandinavian themed eateries the options are many. For those who are wondering which themed restaurant and bars in Sydney to visit first, think no futher as the following list has taken the guess work out of making the decisions.
Here are the Best Themed Restaurants and Bars in Sydney
Whilst on your east coast Australia tours you can’t beat having a shindig in a themed restaurants and bars in Sydney! As it is amongst the best things to do in Sydney, be sure to get your fair share of the fun.

Norsk Dor
Address : 70 Pitt StSydney, NSW 2000

For a true Nordic experience this Scandinavain themed restaurant will not disappoint. While the entrance to the restaurant might seem a bit suspicious with a long winding corridor leading to a security door, inside is where the true Viking like inhabits gather. The vibe at the restaurant is a very Northern feel to it with wooden minimalistic furniture and Edison bulbs hanging from the ceiling. However, it is the menu that is absolutely exquisite. From cranberry jam, dill potatoes and ofcourse Swedish meatballs along with gingerbread and Lakris Brulee, one this is for sure the food is spot on.  A popular recommendation is the classic Scandinavian fish soup which is not overtly creamy and rich. Its more broth and prawns garnished with herbs. 

Daisy’s Milk Bar
340 Stanmore Road, Petersham NSW 2049 Australia

The baby blue and white paint on the outside of Daisy’s Milk Bar is a landmark that just can’t be missed when walking down Stanmore Road. The place has a happy summery feel to it  almost akin to a pleasant childhood memory. The place has taken a more modern approach to a vintage Australian milk bar. However, diners travelling with family will find the place exceptionally helpful as its menu is stocked with the essential kid friendly menu. From classic milkshakes, to your favourite ice cream sundaes and heavenly waffles. shopIn addition to the tasty simple food that Daisy’s offers, the owners have also put together a small souvenir store that sells trinkets and accessories produced by local designers. Stopping by at Daisy’s is must and will certainly make travelers feel homely almost as if they’ve just stepped into say ‘hello’ to long lost friends.

Palmer and Co.
Address: Abercrombie Ln, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

For those who believe that cocktails and jazz music are a match made forever then Palmer and Co will not disappoint. There are few places in Sydney that offer good food and great ambiance. For lovers of all things vintage especially the 1920s then this is the pub in Sydney to visit. The staff are dressed as flappers in this vaulted basement set in the unmistakable swing era. At this pub in Sydney the real crowd puller is the top notch Jazz music from Palmer and Co’s live band. Staff visit the tables frequently so there’s no need to queue up at the bar for your champagne cocktail. Instead diners can enjoy the setting and the sounds of its magnificent ambiance and even almost forget which century there actually living in. A popular choice at Palmer and Co is the ‘As Time Goes By’ – which is sweet blend of gin, apple, soda, elderflower celery and smoke.
Australia has themed restaurants and bars in every city. From Melbourne to Brisbane and even Adelaide. If you are headed West on  Perth to Broome Tours it is a perfect opportunity to find your mixture of adventure and themed giddy ups.. But don’t be in a rush though, make sure you don’t miss out on these themed restaurants and bars in Sydney.