Things to do Before and After your Whitsunday’s Tour

Airlie Beach, Queensland
Airlie Beach, Queensland

So you are at one of the greatest attractions in the world; The Whitsundays! Knowing that so many opt to spend longer than they expected when visiting such a haven, we asked Red Cat Adventures what are the best things to do before and after joining them on the most amazing tours around the Whitsunday Islands.
Here is what they said!

What amazing things are there to do that is nearby the tour?

“Airlie Beach is a beautiful town with so many options of additional activities from amazing Tuk Tuk rides, seaplane flights over the Islands and outer Great Barrier Reef to the adrenalin filled jet ski tours. There are also the local markets to visit every Saturday and some amazing walking/bike trails which take you to some amazing view points of the town.”

Where do people usually head to next after choosing your tours?

“Most travellers will either be heading up the coast and visit Mission Beach next, or head south to Fraser Island.”

Where should they head towards regarding the season?

“Whitsundays up to Cairns are best travelled in the winter months as we boast clear days and calm seas (most of the time). It is also Humpback whale season and Manataray season during these months.”

Are there secret locations?

“My favourite hidden gems around the Whitsundays are the walking trails which people try to avoid on holidays but actually provide the most amazing viewpoints. Trails such as the Honeyeater lookout which is close to town and the coral beach walk where you can see turtles popping up in the evening are not to miss places.”
After joining Red Cat Adventures, many travellers realise that The Whitsundays is far too incredible to simply up and leave. This is likely why so many turn to Red Cat Adventures, you’ll see everything that is humanly possible in just a short space of time!
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