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the pinnacle in the grampians

When it comes to abseiling, the Grampians in the Australian state of Victoria is internationally renowned and a popular travel destination for adventure seekers. The dramatic rock formations deliver a challenge for rock climbers around the world that want to test their skills at Mt. Arapiles. The mountain contains over 2,000 climbs, ranging from beginner to level 30 for extremists.

If you’re looking to pitch a tent, there are plenty of options that include camps at Mount Stapylton, Troopers Creek, Wannon Crossing and Buandik. Each is a nice home away from home, and makes it much easier to visit as many sights as possible, as most are walking distance from the camps.

Out of the many different attractions and activities, the MacKenzie River Walk is one of the more popular choices. It is approximately three hours in length and provides a pleasant walk through a riverine habitat. The path eventually leads up to the MacKenzie Falls, the largest falls in the Grampians, making it well worth the effort.

Besides the beautiful sights, there are also many aboriginal camps that are very interesting insights to the culture and heritage of the local indigenous people.

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