Thinking About Moving To Australia As A Carpenter?


As one of the professions on the Skilled Occupations List, carpenters are highly sought after in Australia. If making the move to Oz sounds overwhelming, why not visit our Moving Down Under event on 16th April 2016 for advice and information regarding employment, finances and healthcare. Here are the top three reasons to visit the event if you’re thinking of moving to Australia to pursue a career as a carpenter.

Get A Skills Assessment

In order to get a job as a skilled labourer in Australia you must have a skills assessment, which converts your UK skills into the Australian equivalent. Visit the Moving Down Under event for a free consultation from Australian Construction Training Services, who can help you with everything from gathering evidence for your visa to securing a technical Skype interview.

Find Job Opportunities

One option is to look for job openings on the internet. Another option is to speak with a reputable recruiting firm. Such firms are well aware that there is a considerable need for carpenters in the country. They also have collaborations with well-known employers from throughout the country. Sponsorship from one of the companies is also available.  

One of the partners at the Moving Down Under event is Hays, one of the largest recruitment agencies in the world and the number one recruiter on Linkedin. Speak to an expert about finding and securing a job as a carpenter down under, so you have opportunities in place before you even leave the UK.

Discuss Shipping

It’s undeniable that as a carpenter, having your own tools makes you more employable, but the question is – how do you get them from the UK to Australia? Luckily help is at hand from international removal and shipping company PSS, another partner attending the Moving Down Under event. Speak to them to discuss the possibilities of shipping and storing your tools, so they are ready for use as soon as you land.

The Australian migration event will be targeting professionals from the Australian skilled occupation list, including those in Nursing and Healthcare, Construction, Trades, Engineers, Accountants, Recruitment, Digital Marketing and other sectors.

For more advice on every aspect of making the move to Australia, from securing healthcare to finding out about the lifestyle, book your tickets for the Moving Down Under event now.

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