Adding to the Aussie Melting Pot: Tips on Relocating to Australia

Tips on Relocating to Australia

One out of every four people living in Australia wasn’t born in the country, and nearly half of the Australians alive today were born overseas or have at least one parent that was. Australia is one of the world’s biggest melting pots and foreign immigrants have made the country the great nation that it is today. We thrive on diversity and culture, so if you’re looking to add to the great Aussie melting pot, check out these tips to help get you there.

Obtain Your Visa

One of the most important things you will want to do before moving to Australia is to know whether or not you’re eligible to live in the country. You will need to determine the reasons for your move and apply for either a student, work, partner, or permanent residence visa. The criteria for each of these options depend on your country of origin and therefore you will want to check with the Australian Department of Home Affairs for the latest information.

Get Your Finances in Order

As we all know, nothing comes free. Therefore, you will want to make sure you have your finances in order prior to your relocation. Some visas even require that you provide emigration with proof of sufficient finances for your move into the country. This means that you have to have enough money in your account to support your new life and move. Generally, you will want at least 10,000 Australian dollars saved prior to your move and it’s important to find a resource that teaches you how to build credit from scratch. Building your credit score is extremely beneficial if you’re planning on buying a home in Australia or even when you start a new job.

Be Sure to Tie Up All Loose Ends

When you finally arrive in Australia, you don’t want any company hounding on you to pay any residual bills. Be sure you cancel all of your subscriptions and continual transactions such as cell phone bills, Netflix subscriptions, insurances, utility bills, and your internet. You will also want to advise your bank and governmental organizations such as voting and jury services that you have relocated to another country. You can also redirect your mail so that you can get all the mail from your friends and family.

Australia will always welcome you with loving arms. However, you need to be sure that you’re ready for the big move. Take your time and get everything in order before you make any major decisions.