Top 5 Places To Explore In Karratha

Top 5 Places To Explore In Karratha

Karratha is located just off the North West Coastal Highway in Western Australia. Many years back, it was mostly known as the perfect place to start exploring the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape areas. 

Today, you’ll be surprised at how Karratha’s recent reinvention will have also made it into a bustling city. On top of what nature has to offer, you’ll come across hip restaurants run by locals that are a treat in itself.

While Karratha may not be as popular as the other bigger regions and towns in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, it’s not short on the list of places to explore. If you love nature in its truest sense, the location should definitely make it on your bucket list.

So, what are those places to visit in Karratha? This feature lists down some of the notable attractions to set foot on. Read on to learn more. 

Top 5 Places To Explore In Karratha

1. Searipple Village

There are a lot of accommodations to choose from in Karratha depending on your preference and fancy. But one of those that consistently make it top on the list of places to explore and stay in is the Searipple Village.

This village is located strategically close to the Karratha Visitor Centre, which is an advantage in itself. Whatever plans and itinerary you can have, you live close to where you can have answers to all your Karratha travel questions.

If you have kids with you, you’ll be glad to know, too, that Searipple village comes with an outdoor pool and views of the garden. Other features you may be happy about include:

  • It offers a mini-market where you can shop at your convenience; the Pilbara region
  • It comes with its own private parking, as you’ll most likely be renting a private vehicle for your Karratha excursion; and
  • It includes a barbeque, with packed meals available upon request.

2. Hearson’s Cove

Hearson’s Cove is easily named as one of the most beautiful places to see in the Karratha region. It’s a gorgeous, white sand beach nestled on the Burrup Peninsula. The color of the water? It’s nothing short of magical blue. Hearson’s Cove has the Murujuga landscape in the background, which makes it an entirely unique experience and view.

3. Millstream-Chichester National Park

If you love hiking, camping, and touring areas in Western Australia, the Millstream-Chichester National Park outdoors wows visitors with some of the best camping sites in the surrounding areas. So, this is definitely a must-visit once you’re in the area. It’s a tropical oasis for visitors not to miss out on.

Because the area is so vast that you may not be able to cover everything during your holiday, here’s a list of some of the well-known attractions you can prioritize:

  • Mount Herbert, forming part of the Chichester range of mountains, offers quite a spectacular view of the countryside; 
  • Python Pool, slated for swimmers and novices alike, is one of the perfect spots to have a quick relaxing dip in a refreshing body of water with magical backgrounds of the rugged ochre cliffs; and
  • Scenic Drive, which you can easily do with your van, car, or camper rental, so you can see beautiful views of the Fortescue River Valley, along with some important indigenous areas.

4. Staircase To The Moon

If you’re traveling to Karratha between November to March, you’ll be able to come across a beautiful and natural spectacle. This is what you can see in the Staircase To The Moon when the moon reflects on the exposed mudflats when the water is at low tide.

The resulting reflection creates an optical illusion of a wide and long shaft of light, with ridges on the sides. This resembles a staircase reaching up to the heavens and moon. Plan an evening for you to see this, ready with your own picnic or packed meals.

5. Dampier Archipelago 

The Dampier Archipelago holds 42 islands and islets for you to choose from and explore. If you love to wander into nature, sans a crowd of tourists, the Damier Archipelago is the place for you. You’re certain that the likelihood of bumping into others is very slim.

There are many different ways for you to go around the island. The most popular of which include enjoying a boat tour, snorkeling, and diving. If you have the budget to go extra and hop on a helicopter, you can also view the archipelago from above.


The list of places to visit above isn’t yet exhaustive. It’s only the beginning of getting your travel plans in order. If you’re staying in the Pilbara region for a longer period, then you can certainly add more to this list of places to explore. Don’t limit yourself, as Karratha has so much more to offer. With nearby towns being close to each other, Karratha should definitely make it on your list of locations to visit, when in Western Australia.