Travel Essentials For The Digital Nomad

Travel Essentials For The Digital Nomad

A growing number of workers are choosing to forego traditional office roles in favour of jobs that they can do anywhere or while on the move. Recent studies show that there are over 4.8 million individuals who describe themselves as digital nomads– people who travel while working remotely– and 17 million more are planning to embrace this unique lifestyle as it enables one to be more independent while pursuing a career. Moreover, it also allows you to explore the world, which is why so many people are choosing to be bloggers, travel photographers, online English teachers, or freelance writers. If you’re new to the digital nomad lifestyle and are about to embark on your first adventure overseas, having the right gear and gadgets is essential so you can work effectively while travelling. Apart from clothes and toiletries, here’s what every digital nomad should pack before going on a trip.

Backups for your Gadgets

If you depend on technology to get your work done, then you’ll need backups of your existing gadgets, just in case you lose your primary item or something goes wrong with it during your trip. If you’re using a laptop, a tablet with an external keyboard can be a good backup as it’s more portable and can function as a laptop computer if you’re in a pinch. An extra smartphone, chargers, travel adaptors, and battery packs will also come in handy while you’re away from home.

Meanwhile, you can buy backups of other gadgets, such as a computer mouse, a camera, or Qantas Bluetooth headphones or earpods from the airport in case you forget to bring them. Having headphones, specially the noise cancelling variety, is a must during your flight so you can get some sleep on the plane while en route to your destination. Make sure to pack your gadgets well in a hard case or a backpack specially made for tech gadgets, and never check them in to avoid damaging them.

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One Dressy Outfit

One of the main draws of being a digital nomad is that you can skip the corporate wear and work in whatever you like to wear for the day. However, if you’re heading abroad, pack at least one dressy outfit in your suitcase. It could come in handy in case you have to meet people or if there’s a networking opportunity in that area. For men, a pair of slim fitting trousers, a jacket in the same color, and a white button down shirt will instantly make you look put together for anything from an interview to a cocktail party. Meanwhile, ladies can rock a pantsuit or wear a tailored jacket over a dress for instant polish. Bring clothes made of fabrics that won’t easily wrinkle, or bring a portable clothes steamer to get the wrinkles out of your clothes.

Combination Locks

Locks are quite useful for anything from keeping zippers shut tight while in transit, to keeping your belongings secure in a hostel. Bring a few combination locks in different sizes so you can have some peace of mind knowing that your things are safe while you’re exploring. You should also consider getting a backpack protector, which is a metal mesh that goes over your bag and is locked securely to your bed. This way, potential thieves will be deterred from stealing your gear while you’re sleeping in a dorm or hostel.

Becoming a digital nomad is one of the best ways to pursue a career while you travel the world. Don’t forget to pack these things before leaving for your first trip abroad so you can work comfortably and stay safe while you’re away.

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