Travel Essentials For Backpacking Australia


Backpacking Australia may not be a walk in the park – although they do have many large national ones to explore – and you need to take some items with you that you wouldn’t need on a normal holiday. Be prepared for anything that the Outback might throw at you and pack these travel essentials into your backpack.

Hand Sanitiser

backing australia travel essentials

Keep your hands clean of bacteria with a good hand sanitiser. You could be touching all sorts while travelling, and you don’t want to pick up anything nasty that stays on your hands and spreads to your eyes, nose or mouth. If you’re travelling with a tour group, germs can spread like wildfire when you’re all in one small space for a long period of time, but EcoHydra Instant Hand Sanitiser is a defender against fast-spreading germs and stubborn bacteria, so you can avoid catching illness or infection and enjoy your experience to the max. It comes in a nifty 50ml bottle at £2.99GBP, so is very travel and budget friendly.

An All-In-One

backpacking australia travel essentials

To carry as little as possible, you can incorporate your entire bathroom needs into one little bottle. The Dr Bronner Magic Liquid Soaps are super concentrated liquid that can be used as a body wash, shampoo, deodorant, fabric cleaner and even toothpaste! They come in a range of different scents and flavours including almond, orange, lavender and peppermint, so you don’t have to put up with a nasty taste in your mouth! At 59ml, tuck it into your rucksack and praise the small price of £1.99GBP!

Pocket Knife

backpacking australia travel essentials

A traditional essential, the pocket knife has yet to be replaced by some mobile phone app that can magically open bottles and cut through tough material. In the meantime, Victorinox Huntsman Pocket Knife can be a lifesaver in many a situation. Featuring a small and large blade, corkscrew, can opener, screwdriver, tweezers, scissors, and even a toothpick for that bit of burger between your teeth, carry it everywhere with you for surviving in the Outback. At just £34.99GBP, it’s an amazing price for a multifunctional piece of kit.


backpacking australia travel essentials

You want to carry as little as possible whilst backpacking, but you’ll need something sturdy and safe to carry the belongings you just can’t live without. Thankfully, the SMASHii rucksack is one thing a pocket knife can’t cut through, as it’s made from Kevlar, the same material used in stab vests. Keep your possessions secure further with the retractable combination lock system, allowing the rucksack to be attached to any fixed object. You can even get it in a range of colours, if you want it to look good as well as work well. Not exactly cheap (£199GBP), it’s a lot cheaper than replacing all your belongings.

Portable Phone Charger

backpacking australia travel essentials

One of the worst things that can happen whilst backpacking is losing phone battery when you need it most. Whether taking precious photos or making an emergency call, make sure your phone is charged with a portable charger. The Energizer XP6001 Portable Smartphone Charger is a prime example, with the ability to charge two devices at once and an LED light indicator to show when your phone is fully charged. It’s lightweight enough to carry around in your backpack and not even notice it, and is rechargeable to use again and again – not bad at just under £30GBP. Just make sure it’s fully charged itself to get the most out of it!

What are your travel essentials for backpacking in Australia?