5 Best Pubs and Bars in Northbridge

Best Pubs and Bars in Northbridge

Northbridge, which has a well-deserved reputation for being the beating heart of Perth’s nightlife and foodie scene, is bustling at 5 p.m. on most nights of the week, but especially on Fridays. But how do you pick the best pub or bar to have a good time?! Don’t worry about it. With this list of the five best pubs and bars in Northbridge, we’ve got you covered.

1) Mustang Bar

The Mustang Bar is a traditional Australian sports bar that is popular with both locals and young tourists. The environment is positively lively, with various drink promotions always on the go and the staff cutting 25% off your bar tab as you open it.

You can use their website mustangbar.com.au to look up the sports games you’re interested in and discover when they’ll be broadcast. 

2) Ezra Pound

This low-key laneway hangout is known for its knowledgeable service, well-crafted drinks list, and unpretentious atmosphere, with a decor influenced by the Prohibition era of the 1920s.

The gallery on their website www.ezrapound.com.au reflects the uniqueness of the atmosphere. 

3) Small Frisk Bar

Frisk’s philosophy may be summarized in three words: “we like gin.” On Francis St, you’ll discover this charming small bar with around 200 varieties of gin on the shelf.

Here is their website www.ezrapound.com.au, to get a sense of what to expect when you visit them. 

4) The Bird 

On Saturday nights, locals in Northbridge flock to The Bird because of its groovy, laid-back vibe and excellent live music events (pun intended).

Visit their website www.williamstreetbird.com for a live music calendar.

5) The Standard

If you love delicious food, nice beverages, and good vibes, The Standard is the spot to be. With dining space, an outdoor courtyard, and a rooftop terrace, there’s nothing you can’t get here.

Their website www.thestandardperth.com.au has a Lazy Weekend Special that you can use to gather your pals for a drink (or three!)

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