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Exmouth Whale Shark Tour
The gentle giants under sea. The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is a slow-moving, filter-feeding carpet shark and the largest known extant fish species. The largest confirmed individual had a length of 18.8 m (61.7 ft).[9] The whale shark holds many records for size in the animal kingdom, most notably being by far the largest living nonmammalian vertebrate

Tours from Perth to BroomeTours from Perth to Broome

Adventures tours by coach from Perth to Broome

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Tour 1:- Perth to Broome Overland Tour

Perth to Broome tours
This is a must do experience in Western Australia.

The Journey

Tours from Perth to Broome. Are you someone who is after the sun, sea, and the great outback?  If so, this ten-day Tour from Perth to Broome will meet all your expectations. This tour will be a fantastic experience that will create memories to carry with you for the rest of your life!

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Tour Highlights 

Hike amongst some of the oldest rock formations in the world at the Kalbarri National Park. Awe and wonder at fossils that date back further than you could comprehend. Stand only a few feet away from playful dolphins that swim close to shore for a quick feed at Monkey Mia. Swim just a few meters to reach the Ningaloo Reef at Coral Bay and encounter wonderful marine life.

Day 1:- Perth to Kalbarri

Begin your overland journey in sunny Perth. Travel alongside miles and miles of the idyllic beaches of Western Australia! Explore the Pinnacles Desert at the Nambung National Park—Sandboard at Jurien Bay. Further driving north, you will reach Kalbarri through Geraldton to stay the night. 

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Day 2:- Kalbarri to Shark Bay

Visit the Kalbarri National Park and hike around its rugged features. You can opt to abseil if you are an adventure seeker! Travel over to the most stunning Shell Beach formed entirely of shells. Reach Shark Bay through Denham.

Shell Beach

Walk on the beautiful Shell Beach formed from trillions of tiny shells of the Fragum Cockle. The deposits of shells are as deep as 10 metres in certain places. This is one of only two beaches in the world composed entirely of shells. 

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Day 3:- Shark Bay to Coral Bay

The third day of your tour takes you along the idyllic shores. The tour lets you admire another slice of the Western Australian coastline. Collect the most memorable experiences at Monkey Mia and Carnarvon. Tuck in for the night at Coral Bay. Coral Bay is located on the famous Ningaloo Reef.

Monkey Mia

Meet the world-famous Monkey Mia dolphins! These friendly dolphins keep the ritual of swimming up to the shore several times a day to be hand-fed by people! 

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View some of the world’s oldest and largest living fossils at the Hamelin Pool of Carnarvon! These are marine rock formations called Stromatolites that breathe.

Hamelin Pool

Awe at the breathing rock formations of ‘Stromatolites’.  Be fascinated by the glimpse of these organisms! They tell you how early life evolved over 3,500 million years ago on our planet. Hamelin Pool is home to the Stromatolites, which are the oldest living fossils known to man. The Hamelin Pool is one of only two places on the planet where these rare fossils exist. 

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Day 4:- Coral Bay to Yardie Creek

Day four of your tour takes you to the marine paradise of the idyllic Coral Bay. Immerse yourself in marine life encounters of the world’s largest fringing reef. Dive and snorkel to observe the amazing marine life in their natural habitat of the reef. Drive over to Yardie Creek at the Cape Range National Park. 

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is home to the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef and the Marine Park! It is also known as the ‘jewel of the Northwest.’ Snorkel or cruise the reef in a glass-bottomed boat. The marine life teeming below will make you awestruck! Or, take a scenic flight over the stunning reef down below. 

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Day 5:- Exmouth and Cape Range National Park

Spend your fifth day of this tour at the Cape Range National Park. Take a walk to the Vlamingh Head Lighthouse from where you can see the sun both rise and set. Spend the afternoon at the beautiful Turquoise Bay or wander around the town of Exmouth.

Cape Range National Park

The Cape Range National Park is a nature lover’s paradise! This spectacular landscape consists of rugged limestone ranges, deep canyons and pristine beaches. Snorkel or scuba dive to observe whale sharks and manta rays at the Cape Range National Park. 

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Vlamingh Head Lighthouse

Watch the sun illuminating this part of the world with its magical rays at dawn. Then come back at dusk to watch the beautiful sunset. The grand lighthouse had been built in 1912. It stands up the hill amidst panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and Ningaloo Reef. Look out for migrating humpback whales during the migration season.

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Turquoise Bay

White sands, clear waters and pristine coral gardens make up the Turquoise Bay. Further, it has been consistently voted amongst the top 3 beaches in Australia. The renowned coral gardens of the Ningaloo Reef begin footsteps from the beach. This makes this spot one of the premier land-based snorkelling sites.

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Day 6/7/8:- Karijini National Park

This part of the journey is one of the highlights of the tour! Start your long journey to the Karijini National Park. These three days are set apart for you to explore the beautiful Karijini National Park. 

Karijini National Park

Come face to face with billion years of the Earth’s natural history at the Karijini National Park. The park is home to beautiful gorges, cascading waterfalls, tranquil waterholes and pools. Further, it also contains narrow rocky inlets and a natural amphitheatre. Descend into ancient cavernous gorges to explore some of the oldest rocks on the planet. Cool off beneath the cascading waterfalls. 

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Day 9:- Pilbara Region

Travel through Pilbara Region, known for its red earth and rich mineral deposits. Continue your journey to Tom Price, known for iron ore mining. After the long travel, stop and learn about the local iron ore industry at Port Hedland. 

Pilbara Region

Pilbara is home to some of the world’s most stunning ancient natural landscapes! Explore the incredibly beautiful coast as well as the deep inland gorges while you are on the road trip. Pass by the North Pole, ghost towns, coral reefs and boot-growing trees. These are some of the distinct features of the beautiful Pilbara Region.

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Port Hedland

Port Hedland is the central hub that connects the Pilbara and the pristine Kimberley. Port Hedland is situated 200 km north of Karratha. The town is famous for its well-established resource industry. Its rich indigenous culture, wildlife and pioneering history have many tourist attractions. Engage in fishing or crabbing while you are around here. Watching whales and turtles at nesting can be more interesting things to do here. 

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Day 10:- Broome

After 5 hours of travelling reach your destination of Broome. En-route, break for a leisurely stroll or bird watching at the 80-mile Beach. Complete your memorable tour with an idyllic Broome sunset!

80-Mile Beach

Share your slice of the beach with nobody! Admire the turquoise water and the magnificent Indian Ocean sunsets. The 80-Mile Beach has sparkling white sand, scattered with tropical seashells. Rocky shores and mangrove-lined muddy bays characterize this beach. Yearly, an astonishing half-a-million migratory shorebirds descend on the 80-Mile beach. 

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Broome. Tours from Perth to BroomeTours from Perth to Broome

Broome is the western gateway to the Kimberley wilderness and is home to South Sea pearls. The pearling capital of Australia is affectionately known as the ‘pearl of the north.’  Broome’s sunsets are magnificent. The natural phenomenon of “Staircase to the Moon” is simply awesome. Broome is a melting pot of Japanese and Filipino cultures due to its pearling industry.

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Tour 2:- Perth to Broome by Coach

The Journey

A road trip on the coach from Perth to Broome is an epic journey that is quite a memorable experience, to say the least. In total, the distance is more than 2,500 km (1553 miles). You will see the incredible contrasts of this land through the ever-changing landscape. This tour explores both land and sea and contains the most notable attractions of Western Australia.

Tour Highlights

On this tour, you will see the best that this part of Western Australia has to offer. You will visit the otherworldly Pinnacle Desert. You will also swim with the dolphins in Monkey Mia and observe the whale sharks in Ningaloo Reef. During your free time, relax and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. Travel to Tom Price and the gorgeous Karijini National Park before reaching Broome. 

First stop: The Pinnacles

This tour lets you enjoy the views along the Indian Ocean, until you reach the Pinnacles Desert. Explore the amazing limestone projections with their otherworldly beauty. A short drive further takes you to the campsite next to the beach. Relax and settle for the night at this picturesque beach camp. Watch the amazing sunset with your new companions and enjoy a beer!

Second Stop: Geraldton and Pink Lake

Have an early morning swim and start your second leg of the journey. The morning covers the coast and the Museum of Geraldton. In the afternoon, head out to the spectacular Pink Lake. Camp at the picturesque Lucky Bay, walking through the dunes or swimming while the sun goes down. Upload the music and enjoy the beautiful night. 

Museum of Geraldton

The Museum of Geraldton showcases the rich heritage of the land, sea and the people of the Mid-West Region. Learn all about the ancient landforms, Yamaji history and culture. Be guided to understand the region’s unique landscapes and marine environment. Be astonished at the Shipwrecks Gallery which exhibits the following shipwrecks;

  • Dutch Shipwrecks:
    • Batavia (including the original Batavia Portico)
    • Gilt Dragon
    • Zuytdorp
    • Zeewijk
  • HMAS Sydney (II) } a moving exhibit and 3D film
  • HSK Kormoran      }

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Pink Lake (Hutt Lagoon)

The Pink Lake near Geraldton is one of the region’s most vibrant attractions. This 70 km2 salt lake is located north of the mouth of the Hutt River. The spectacular Pink Lake changes its hue from red to pink and lilac purple. The colour of the lake depends on the season, time of day and cloud coverage. Awe and wonder at the best of its colourful spectrum during mid-morning or sundown.

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Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay campsite is beautiful but rather primitive. The camping area nestles among the sand dunes. Restock your supplies as you need to be self-sufficient at Lucky Bay. Please ensure that you have adequate potable water. The pet-friendly camping area among the dunes accommodates tents and camper trailers. It contains bush toilets, industrial bins and a chemical toilet dump point.

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Third stop: Kalbarri National Park

The Kalbarri National Park is recognized as one of the best national parks in Australia. Marvel at the scenic cliffs of Kalbarri before a quick swim and a cold shower at the mouth of the river. Explore the incredible Kalbarri National Park and its wonders for a few hours. Nature’s Window and the Z-Bend are some of the key attractions of the Kalbarri National Park. 

Fourth Stop: Shark Bay

This stretch of the journey takes you to the Shark Bay World Heritage Site. Admire the Shell Beach, relax and swim in the crystal clear water. Admire the incredible sunset, head out to the jetty and observe the marine life with the aid of your torch! Meet the famous Monkey Mia dolphins at their breakfast after which you can opt for a swim or kayak. 

Fifth Stop: Carnarvon

Set up camp at Carnarvon for the night.

Sixth Stop: Coral Bay

You will fall in love with this place the moment you arrive! Dive into the incredible reef or sit with your new friends on the beach and enjoy this special place. See the coral reef at its best a few meters from the beach, where there are huge coral formations and big fish. If you’re lucky, you can swim with a turtle or a friendly reef shark! 

Ningaloo Reef

The world-heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef fronts the townships of Coral Bay and Exmouth. It is internationally recognized as one of the planet’s last great ocean paradises. Running for a length of 300 km, the Ningaloo Reef is also the largest fringing coral reef in the world. Visit the do-it-yourself snorkelling sites at Exmouth or Coral Bay. Enter the underwater paradise and be awestruck at its beauty!

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Seventh Stop: Exmouth

Cross the shore and swim a few metres in the clearest turquoise water. Drift over the largest fringing reef. Enjoy the many water sports at Exmouth!  The rugged features of Cape Range National Park are red, in contrast to the beautiful blues and turquoise of Ningaloo.  The park offers outback adventures and wildlife encounters.

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Exmouth Surf and Water Sports

Move to the beach and enjoy various water sports during the right weather conditions. Take out a jet ski and watch the dolphins and whales go behind the jet skis for a wild adrenaline rush. Or relax on the beach and admire the beautiful hues of blue and turquoise.

Eighth Stop: Cape Range National Park

Be among the lucky whale shark/hunchback swimmers! Get the most memorable experience of swimming by the gentle giants of the sea. If you are not in for swimming, choose to explore the rugged attractions of the Cape Range National Park. Have the sunset lighthouse experience and observe the humpback whales against the horizon.

Camp Nights

The nights in the camps is an excellent time to spend with your new companions. Have fun with music and make plans to meet in future trips too. 

Ninth Stop: Tom Price

Travel into the red heart of Pilbara. Keep an eye out for the wildlife, even the cheeky dingo. Head directly to your camp at the Tom Price Tourist Park.

Tom Price Tourist Park

The Tom Price Tourist Park is an idyllic campsite. The venue also contains fully equipped air-conditioned cabins. Whether you are travelling on a budget or looking for a bit of luxury, this tourist park can accommodate you. The park has accommodation options for backpackers, couples and families. Pets are welcome at its caravan and camping sites too.

Facilities of the Tom Price Tourist Park

– Camp kitchen

– Coin-operated washing machines

– Swimming pool

– Location being close to Karijini National Park

– Location being at a short distance away from shops and other services

– Having picturesque walk trails nearby

For more information on Tom Price Tourist Park, please visit;

Tenth Stop: Karijini National Park

Imagine a dense oasis of red, green and blue, stretching for 6,000 km! This impressive landmark is full of lush vegetation, awesome gorges and captivating waterfalls. Further, this ancient landscape is home to a variety of wildlife. As there are plenty of adventure opportunities, it is truly worth a visit all year around. The Hancock Gorge, Kermits Pool and Knox Gorge are key features in this tour.

Last Stop: Broome

Sleep in the luxury coach, recollecting your wonderful travel experience. Your coach arrives at Broome the next morning.

Tour 3:- Backpacker Tour from Perth to Broome and Return

The Journey

Join the best Perth to Broome Tour in Western Australia. This tour contains amazing scenery, marine life experience and Karijini National Park. Further, it provides a Karijini Eco Tent Glamping Experience. Perfect for young, adventurous & budget conscious travellers!

Day 1 – Perth to Northbrook

The first stop will be the impressive Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park. Enjoy a guided tour through the fantastic limestone formations. Drop in at the Discovery Centre before settling for lunch by the sea. Night-stay at the Northbrook Farmstay. The tour will accommodate you at Kalbarri YHA from Dec-March for the first night. This is due to the weather conditions.

Northbrook Farmstay

The Northbrook Farmstay is situated 6 km north of the historic town of Northampton. It is located at a traditional Australian wheat and sheep farm in the countryside. The accommodation includes air-conditioned private rooms, non-air-conditioned private rooms as well as cottages. 

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Day 2 – Northbrook to Shark Bay

Visit the marvels of the Murchison Gorge, Nature’s Window and Z-Bend at the Kalbarri National Park.  Try abseiling into the gorge for an extra cost if you are an adventure seeker! If weather conditions permit, cool off with a swim in the Murchison River before heading back on the bus. Travel north to Shell Beach and the town of Denham for accommodation.

Day 3 – Shark Bay to Coral Bay

Meet the famous Monkey Mia Dolphins and capture your memories in fantastic photographs. Then join any of the optional activities or chill out on the beach or at the resort. Visit the breathing rock formations called the ‘Stromatolites’. Settle into your accommodation for the night at Coral Bay, right on the famous Ningaloo Reef!

Day 4 – Coral Bay

Today is yours to enjoy the many wonderful tours and activities Coral Bay has to offer! Go for a stroll on the beach and check out the shark nursery or swim with the manta rays. Scuba dive or snorkel at the Ningaloo Reef to explore the wonders that lie underneath. Enter this underwater wonderland metres away from the shore. All these activities will be at your own expense. Stay the night at Exmouth. 

Day 5 – Exmouth

Explore the Cape Range National park today. This park contains rugged limestone ranges, breathtaking deep canyons and pristine beaches. Relax on the beach or choose to go snorkeling at the stunning Turquoise Bay (snorkel hire $10). Visit Vlamingh Head Lighthouse and relax at Milyering Discovery Centre. Return to your accommodation in the late afternoon.

Milyering Discovery Centre

This venue provides information about Cape Range National Park and Ningaloo Marine Park. Learn all about the natural communities of the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage area. This building has been made of rammed earth and powered by solar energy. This is the only total environmental friendly building of its type in Australia. 

For more information on the Milyering Discovery Centre, please visit; 

Day 6 – Exmouth to Karijini National Park

Travel eastward through station country and stop at Tom Price. Tom price is the highest town in Western Australia. Get your supplies at the town, before heading over to the Karijini National Park. The natural wonders of this beautiful national park will amaze you. Stay at the multi-award-winning Karijini Eco Retreat. The Eco Safari Tents of this Retreat contain a veranda, quality beds, linen, and hot showers!

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Days 7 & 8 – Karijini National Park/Port Hedland

Explore the amazing Karijini National Park to its fullest during these two days. Enjoy 2.5 billion years of evolution and 40,000 years of culture. Swim in the rock pools and visit the gorges and waterfalls. Explore intriguing rock formations. Visit Hancock Gorge, Weano Gorge, Handrail Pool, Dales Gorge, Circular Pool, Fortescue Falls and Fern Pool. 

Day 9 – Port Hedland to Broome

Arrive at the 80-Mile-Beach for some awesome photos! When you finally arrive into Broome, go on a guided tour around the town and Cable Beach. Check in at your Broome accommodation for the night. 

Cable Beach

Cable Beach is a short 8-minute drive from the township of Broome. Go on a camel ride!  Enjoy the idyllic beach with its sun-kissed white sand, turquoise water and spectacular Indian Ocean sunsets. Find your own slice of paradise, swim or go on a boat cruise. Or, sit back and marvel at one of the best ocean sunsets on earth. 

For more information on Cable Beach, please visit;

Day 10 & 11: Broome

Occupy yourself with the tons of things to do at Broome and enjoy all that the township has to offer. Explore the China Town and its pearling history or watch a movie at the world’s oldest open-air cinema. Check out the many restaurants and cafés that serve delicious international cuisine. Or opt to cook your own lunches and dinners at the hostel. 

Days 12, 13 & 14 – Broome to Perth via Northbrook

The three-day express journey back to Perth takes you along the coastline of Western Australia.  Spend a night at the Karratha Backpackers and another at the Northbrook Farm Stay. The tour provides breakfasts while you buy your own lunches and dinners. Bid farewell to your tour-mates with whom you shared a remarkable 2-weeks!

Karratha Backpackers Hostel

Backpacking is great choice of travel for independent and young people. It is also suitable for those travelling on a budget. And budget accommodation is a great way to save money to indulge on the tour. Further it lets you meet like-minded travel-mates who add to fun of the tour. Karratha Backpackers Hostel provides you plenty of accommodation choices. These choices are easy on your wallet!

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Perth to Broome Backpacker Tour Deals

  • Tour Operator: Integrity Coach Lines

Backpacker Advantages: Backpackers prefer to do budget tours. As such, the cheapest price is attractive to them. Further, the ‘Hop on Hop off’ feature opens opportunities for cheap backpacker accommodation.

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  • Tour Operator: see our products above.

13-day Backpacker Camping Tour: Prices from AUS $1599+

(AUS $ 29 optional camping gear rental)

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Backpacker Advantages: This tour accommodates only backpackers! As such, you will be among young travellers in the age group of 18 – 35 and young guides. Make new friends and be who you are!

  • Tour Operator: Kimberley Wild Expeditions

12-day Tour: Prices from AUS $ 4995

For more information and booking this tour, please visit;

  • Tour Operator: Red Earth Safaris

10-day Tour: Prices from AUS $ 1685

Backpacker Advantages: All prices are kept low due to shared dormitory and camping accommodation.

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Tour 4:-  Perth to Broome off-the-Beaten-Path 19-day Tour

The Journey

Take this tour to get an off-the-beaten-path experience. Yet, the key highlights of the route are covered in this tour. Travel away from the hustle and bustle of the city to the tropics along the scenic Coral Coast itinerary. Be awed at the wonders of Western Australia along the beach townships and in the national parks.

Key Highlights of the Tour

  • Lancelin Sand Dunes

Slide down 45-degree-angle sand dunes for an adrenalin-pumping experience at Lancelin! These are the biggest sand dunes in Western Australia. Hit the sand in a dirt bike or 4WD vehicle. Reach the peaks to be rewarded with stunning panoramas. The views of Lancelin, sand hills, surrounding farmland, and the coastline are gorgeous. Don’t miss the best views at dawn and dusk. 

For more information on Lancelin Sand Dunes, please visit; 

  • What to bring?

Primarily, you will need a sand board, which you can rent on the spot. You can drive a 2WD vehicle, but you need to park them at the base of the dunes on the hard rock. If you want to go deep into the off-road area, you will need a 4WD vehicle. You will also need glasses to protect your eyes from the glare and sand being blown into your eyes.

  • Wedge Island

The secluded Wedge Island is situated north of Lancelin. White beautiful sand and secluded waters characterize the island. The island’s waters are suitable for snorkelling, surfing or body-boarding. There are great spots to fish and catch rock lobsters, too. There are big dunes at the back of Wedge Island. Check out the old fishing shacks that line the coast, or learn to surf on the gentle waves.

  • What to bring?

Your vehicle should have some basic equipment for 4W driving in Wedge Island. Most importantly, have a shovel in your vehicle. Taking a rated snatch strap along with you may be a smart move. A GPS will be very handy as it is easy to get lost among the many beach tracks. Carry with you fishing rods and plenty of water and food.

  • The Pinnacles

Visit another attraction of the tour, the otherworldly Pinnacles Desert. The Pinnacles is located at the Nambung National Park. It is a fascinating landscape of limestone projections. Explore this amazing landscape when the sunlight plays its magic upon the rocks! 

  • Jurien Bay and Geraldton

Admire the idyllic beaches of Western Australia between Jurien Bay and Geraldton as you travel along. Beach-camp, swim and relax in these stunning beaches along the coastline. 

  • Stockyard Gully National Park

Be fascinated at the group of limestone caves at the Stockyard Gully National Park. These caves lead to an underwater river system. Walk through the impressive 300-metre-long cave. Also, try the smaller caves, which need a little more manoeuvring to get through. Look out for wildlife that call this park home. Enjoy a picnic amongst the trees in this environment of tranquillity.

For more information on the Stockyard Gully caves, please visit; 

  • Pink Lake

Camp near the awesome Pink Lake with its beautiful hues of pink, lilac and red. Capture the spectrum of colours during sunrise and sunset!

  • Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri National Park has so much to offer, from awesome hikes to epic surf breaks. The high coastal cliff walks are great for spotting whales and dolphins. The gorges of Kalbarri are truly beautiful with their rugged features. Capture your memorable visit to Kalbarri with the obligatory Nature’s Window group photo.

  • Shark Bay

The world-heritage-listed Shark Bay is worth the minor 300 km detour to the west. The Stromatolites of the Hamelin Pool is one of the area’s attractions. These are breathing rock formations. But, the Monkey Mia dolphins are the most famous feature of the area. The adorable dolphins keep coming to the shallow waters to be hand-fed by humans.

  • Francois Peron National Park

Francois Peron National Park is known for its scenic coastline. Dramatic red cliffs, white sandy beaches and blue waters are some of its features. Head to this fantastic coastline in the Shark Bay world-heritage-listed area. Engage in an adventurous time of 4W driving. The park is home to many endangered species. Admire the dugong, manta rays, turtles and sharks swimming in the water below from the cliff tops.

  • Quobba Blow Holes

This natural phenomenon, located 75 km north of Carnarvon, is an awe-inspiring sight. Powerful ocean swells force seawater through sea caves and up, out of narrow holes in the rocks. This makes jets of water erupt into the air as high as 20 metres, creating the most spectacular sight. Point Quobba is a sheltered lagoon full of corals and rich in marine life.

For more information on the Quobba blowholes, please visit;

  • Coral Bay, Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef

These destinations are on the bucket list of everyone travelling the west coast. They are home to the stunning Ningaloo Reef which is easily accessible from these places. Snorkel over vast colourful coral gardens. Marine life such as turtles, reef sharks and countless reef fish call the reef home. Encounter the ‘Whale Sharks’, the biggest in the ocean, and swim alongside them! 

  • Cape Range National Park

Cape Range National Park runs parallel to the Ningaloo Reef. There are plenty of great walks into deep creeks and canyons to please the adventurer in you. Spot the tiny Rock Wallabies hanging onto the cliffs. 

  • Turquoise Bay

Treat yourself to a cool dip at Turquoise Bay after the tiresome hikes of the Cape Range National Park. 

  • Karijini National Park

Travel 600 km inland from the coast to enter the best National Park in Australia, Karijini! Do justice to the rugged beauty surrounding you by spending a few days in this amazing park. Explore the deep gorges lined with reddish-yellow rocks and serene swimming holes. Be rewarded after every hike in the red dirt by a refreshing dip in the beautiful and cool pools. 

  • Mount Bruce

Mount Bruce is Western Australia’s second-highest peak. It is located in the beautiful Karijini National Park. Climb Mt. Bruce (1,235 metres in all to the top), for an exhilarating physical challenge and stunning views. The winding trail takes you around smaller peaks and rocky outcrops. The trail gets harder halfway, but the sense of achievement as well as the views are rewarding.

For more information on Mount Bruce, please visit;

  • Broome

The last leg of the journey is a long drive to Broome. This journey is broken up with refreshing swims along the way. Visit Port Hedland for a dip in the local swimming hole as well as learn all about the township’s mining industry. Visit 80-Mile Beach for yet another evening dip and linger around to soak in one of the best sunsets.

Top 5 Activities on the West Coast of Australia

There are plenty of activities on offer thanks to the wild but inviting open road up the west coast of Australia. You can’t go wrong with these exceptional pastimes as you travel along the Indian Ocean.

1. Sandboarding

The sand dunes along the west coast of Australia are sublime. Sandboarding is offered at the white sand dunes of Lancelin and the golden Kalbarri. This is an alternative to surfing with all the fun without getting wet. Try your hand at picking up speed and sliding your way down these smooth slips of sand.

2. Snorkelling

Much of the west coast is made up of colourful coral reefs, shallow lagoons and separate islands. These are perfect conditions for snorkelling. Migrating whales, visiting dolphins and breeding sea lions visit Jurien Bay. Thus, don’t be surprised if you bump into at least one of these marine animals. Further north, the Ningaloo Reef can easily qualify as a rival of the Great Barrier Reef.

3. Abseiling

The gorges, cliffs and canyons of Western Australia provide exhilarating abseiling opportunities. The rocky caverns of Karijini and Kalbarri allow you to abseil to the depths of the land. You can see million-year-old formations up close down there. If you think you can shimmy your way down a 20-metre wall of red rock, Western Australia is your haven.

4. Feeding Bottlenose Dolphins

One of the few places wild dolphins come up to shore is Monkey Mia.  In Monkey Mia, visitors get the unique experience of getting up close and feeding the bottlenose dolphins in the shallow waters. 

5. Riding a Camel

Picture the sun setting over the turquoise waters and golden sands! Imagine sitting on the back of a camel and treading along Cable Beach. This iconic tour would be truly a spectacular way to experience Broome.

Tour Western Australia with a Hop-on-Hop-off Travel Pass

Explore the watery wonderland of Western Australia with a hop-on-hop-off travel pass. The Integrity Coach Lines offers you this unique travel pass that can take you from Perth all the way to Broome. Travel at your own pace! With this pass, you can break the journey at any stop and enjoy as many days as you want in that location.


Features of the Hop-on-hop-off Travel Pass

The pass is ideal for the independent traveller who doesn’t wish to be tied to a tour group. There’s nothing like a trip where you have the complete freedom to stay in each place for as long as you want. You can see and do the things that you wish to see and do. If you have been looking for a great way to see the fantastic west coast of Australia, this ‘Hop-on-hop-off’ pass is the ideal solution.

  • The Pass is valid for travel in any direction, north or south.
  • Unlimited stops at Western Australia’s best destinations.
  • Buy extra km if you want to keep the adventure going.
  • Multiple departures to help plan your itinerary.
  • The 12-month expiry period of the pass lets you can take your time.
  • No date change or editing fees are applicable.

Design your own itinerary using four northbound services and/or four southbound services. 

Where to go in Western Australia?

Western Australia is home to idyllic, vast coastlines. As such, it may be hard for you to determine where to spend most of your time in Western Australia. You will be lost for choice as there are plenty of beachside towns that front aquatic playgrounds. Here are some highlights of the Coral Coast route;

Monkey Mia, Shark Bay & Exmouth

Monkey Mia is one of the few places on earth that you can get up right close to bottlenose dolphins. These adorable creatures keep visiting the shallows every day to be hand-fed by the public. Apart from the famous Monkey Mia dolphins, however, there is a lot more to explore. They are as follows;

Water Sports

You can also indulge yourself in a range of other water sports such as kayaking and paddleboarding. These water sports also serve as a great way to admire the scenery from the water.

Francois Peron National Park

The Francois Peron National Park is an impressive sight of red dunes, green shrubbery and azure blue water. Visiting this corner of Western Australia will reward you with this astounding sight.

Whale Shark experience

From Monkey Mia you can easily travel to Exmouth and visit the incredible Ningaloo Reef. If you time it right between April and July, you may even encounter the world’s largest fish – the whale shark! The mighty whale sharks migrated to Western Australia during this period.

Snorkelling or Scuba Diving

Ningaloo Reef will give you an amazing snorkelling or scuba diving experience. This largest fringing reef in the world is home to dolphins, dugongs, manta rays, humpback whales and sea turtles. The Ningaloo Beach is an important breeding ground for loggerhead, green and hawksbill turtles.

Key Highlights of Perth to Broome Tours


Discover Aboriginal culture in the Swan Valley

The Swan Valley is 25 minutes from Perth CBD and 10 minutes from Perth Airport. The Swan Valley tempts visitors with a rich mix of wine, food, art, and nature. It also produces some of the finest Verdelho from Australia. Further, tourists and backpackers are attracted to adventure and exploration entwined in culture. And Aboriginal people have an incredible history and culture. 

  • Play The Didgeridoo and learn the culture

Swan Valley offers many guided tours by which you can learn about the Aboriginal culture. Visit the Maalinup Aboriginal art gallery.  Discover the pleasures of keeping and feeding animals out in the wild.  Alternatively, learn to play the didgeridoo and learn more about Aboriginal culture. 

  • Indigenous Languages

Indigenous communities called Western Australia home before the Europeans arrived and settled here. There were roughly 66 indigenous language groups within Western Australia alone.

  • Nyoongar People

The Nyoongar (or Noongar) people are the original native owners of the South West Australia region. The Nyoongar tribe hunted kangaroos, possums, and wallabies. They also fished as well as gathered edible seeds and roots of plants. The cooler and wetter Perth winters saw them clothing in Kangaroo skin cloaks. They also built Kangaroo skin huts.

  • Indigenous Artefacts

Stone tools, estimated to be over 35,000 years old, were found at the Djadjiling rock shelter in the Pilbara region. Many other artefacts and tools were also discovered throughout Western Australia. These artefacts included ancient campfire charcoal, necklaces, stone tools, bone tools, middens, fish traps and quarries.



Kalbarri is an adventure playground on the Perth to Broome tour itinerary. The incredible location offers you the coast as well as the outback adventures. You will come across rock formations and gorges beside sand dunes and wide-open beaches within 400 km from the Pinnacles. Abseil, canoe, hike, skydive and sandboard to your heart’s content!

History of Kalbarri

Kalbarri is a part of the traditional lands of the Nanda people. Nanda people are the traditional owners of 17,000 km2 (6,600 square miles) of land and water in the Yamatji region. They believe that the Beemarra serpent created the land and waters in the region. This serpent was supposedly an ancestral being, responsible for creating the land and waters in this region. The area became a popular fishing and tourist spot in 1940s. 

The Pinnacles

Spend some time in the majestic Pinnacles Desert, marvelling at the limestone projections. It is located in the Nambung National Park. Watch the evening sunlight playing its magic on these beautiful limestone projections! Use this magnificent backdrop for your memorable photo-shoots. Experience an amazing sunset as the setting sun makes way for a myriad of stars. 

For more information on the Pinnacles Desert, please visit;

For more information on the Nambung National Park, please visit;

Jurien Bay

Let the fun begin after a quick introduction to the boards, safety gear and a few lessons on sand-boarding! Race down the white sand dunes and enjoy the views of the turquoise coast. Engage in beach-walk, board-walk or swimming amidst beautiful scenery and have loads of fun.

For more information on Jurien Bay, please visit;

Kalbarri National Park

Spend some time at yet another beautiful national park. Awe at the Murchison Gorge, Nature’s Window, the Loop Walk & Z-Bend in the Kalbarri National Park. Cool off with a swim at Murchison River. There is also an opportunity to abseil if you seek more adventure.

For more information on Kalbarri National Park, please visit;

  • Instructions to follow when visiting any geological sites of the park:

1. Wear sturdy covered shoes.
2. Protect yourself from the sun with a wide-brimmed hat.
3. Take with you lots of water (3-4 litres per person) as there is no drinking water available in the park.
4. Stick to the designated track.
5. Take extreme care during the walks; be aware of loose surfaces and undercut cliff ledges.
6. Place rubbish in the bins provided or carry it out of the park.

  • Nature’s Window

Nature’s Window is an iconic natural attraction of the Kalbarri National Park. It is a wind-eroded opening in the layered Tumblagooda sandstone. It frames a stunning view of the mighty Murchison River down below. An easy 1 km walk from the lookout at the car park leads you to Nature’s Window. However, the trail features steep sections and uneven surfaces.

For more information on Nature’s Window, please visit; 

  • Z-Bend

The Z-Bend is a popular tourist lookout on the Murchison River Gorge. It is one of the four lookouts of the park and is situated on a sharp bend. Enjoy a picnic while you admire the spellbinding view from this lookout. The Z-Bend River Trail takes you to Four Ways (Idiggada Yina), a great area to hike in and out of a 25m high gorge.

For more information on the Z-Bend, please visit;

Monkey Mia

As you travel up the western coast of Australia, you’ll come to an idyllic spot. This is the sun-soaked Monkey Mia, overflowing with adventure. You’re in prime dolphin spotting and marine exploits territory. Monkey Mia is situated 25 km northeast of the town of Denham in the Shark Bay Marine Park and World Heritage Site.

  • How to get there?

You can reach this little coastal paradise by air. It takes a two-hour flight from Perth or 90 minutes from Geraldton. Alternatively, you can road trip it up, either with an organized tour or in a 4WD.  Either way, it makes for a great stop on your travels from Perth or the other way from Darwin. 

Things to do in Monkey Mia
  1. Marine Life Spotting

Monkey Mia is located in one of the most pristine marine environments in the world.  Therefore, don’t leave the tiny settlement without taking a look at the place from the water. Go on a catamaran. And you will most likely come into contact with dolphins, rays, turtles, sharks and dugongs. The calm waters of the bay also mean no sea-sickness. So there’s no excuse to miss out.

2. Hand-feeding dolphins 

Dolphins have been swimming into the shallows and making contact with humans for a long time. The female dolphins trust the humans enough that they bring their babies too. The wild dolphins, come in of their own accord and take food from the hands of tourists in knee-deep water. Their visits, which date back 50 years, have now become a daily ritual.

3. Camel riding

A great way to explore the area is from the back of a camel. A camel ride is surprisingly relaxing and lets you awe at the beauty of your surroundings. Take a memorable trip on one of these gentle creatures and keep the air of exotic adventure alive.

4. Indulging in the local culture

If you want to learn all about the Aboriginal culture then be sure to go on the Aboriginal Cultural Walk.  Discover how the local Malgana people had survived in Gathaagudu for thousands of years. (The Aboriginal name for Shark Bay is Gathaagudu, meaning ‘two waters’.) You’ll learn the secrets of bush survival including bush tucker and bush medicine.

5. Exploring the depths 

If you fancy getting wet in the pristine waters, then you may want to indulge in some snorkelling. Alternatively, cruise along in a sea-kayak or find a glass-bottomed boat tour. This cruise will enable you to explore the undersea world without whacking on a wetsuit.

Ningaloo Reef

Roughly 1200 km north of Perth lies the most beautiful Ningaloo Reef. It is one of the world’s largest fringing reefs and stretches to 260 km. Visitors can enjoy the amazing marine life and water sport activities at Ningaloo Reef. This beautiful peripheral reef is one of the most easily accessible reefs in the world. 

For more information on Ningaloo Marine Park, please visit;

Meet The Ningaloo Reef’s Big 5

Ningaloo Reef is one of the world’s most pristine marine ecosystems. It is also suitable for snorkelling, diving and observing incredible aquatic wildlife. At this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will meet some impressive giants of the ocean. Tick them off your bucket list!

  • How to get there?

To get there, head to Coral Bay or Exmouth, which is a 2 ½ hour flight from Perth. Alternatively, make the most of the West Coast by travelling the West Coast from Perth with the Integrity’s Hop-on-Hop-off pass.

  • The Big 5

The Ningaloo Reef is home to impressive wildlife. Seasonal marine visitors also visit Ningaloo Reef from the Indian Ocean. Here are the big 5 to look out for whilst visiting the Ningaloo Reef;

1. Humpback Whales

Enormous humpback whales migrate back to Antarctica via the coasts of Australia annually.  This usually happens between June and October/November. You may be able to spot them from the shores of Exmouth. For a closer encounter, there are whale watching tours available from Coral Bay and Exmouth.

For booking a whale watching tour from Exmouth, please visit;

2. Manta Rays

One of the main natural attractions of this area is the graceful manta rays. These can be found in the waters surrounding the Ningaloo Reef all year round.  However, you can see them more in numbers from mid-May to mid-September. They will also be more willing to engage with snorkelers and divers during this period too. Don’t miss out on meeting these graceful giants of the deep while you are here. 

For booking a ‘swim or dive with the manta rays’ tour, please visit;

3. Whale Sharks

The whale shark is the world’s largest fish, measuring around 32 feet.  However, the largest ever recorded was 40 feet long! It’s an unbelievable experience to come face-to-face with these huge creatures. Ningaloo Reef is the only place in the world where they can be observed in coastal waters. They feed in this area from March to August/September. 

For booking a ‘swim with the whale sharks’ tour, please visit;

4. Dugongs

Ningaloo has a healthy population of dugongs, which can be found at any time of year. This strange-looking creature is a herbivore and closely related to the manatee. They are classified as having an extremely vulnerable extinction risk. The Ningaloo Reef is the only place in the world to see them. Dugongs are extremely shy and elusive creatures. Thus, encountering a dugong is quite special.

5. Loggerhead Turtles

This gorgeous and vulnerable turtle is an endangered species. They are currently being protected by the Wildlife Conservation Act. You can find them nesting in the Muiron Islands, near the Ningaloo Marine Park, from October to early March. Hatchlings appear from December to April. It’s best to contact the Ningaloo Turtle Programme to ensure viewing them responsibly.

For Ningaloo Turtle Programme, please visit;

Whale Shark Season in Western Australia

The Whale Shark season is right around the corner! Here is all you need to know about these gentle giants;

  • Top Whale Shark Facts
  1. They are fish and not mammals; the word ‘whale’ is in reference only to their size.
  2. On average they grow up to 12 metres long and have a mouth of 1.5 metres wide. But, the largest non-scientifically recorded whale shark was around 18 metres.
  3. Their size is the only thing fearsome about them. They are filter feeders who eat plankton, krill and other small organisms. As such, they are harmless to humans.
  4. They have three prominent ridges along each side of their body. There is a distinct pattern of white spots and stripes against the dark blue/grey skin.
  5. Their Conservation Status is ‘Vulnerable.’
  • Ningaloo Whale Shark Season

World-heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef is home to diverse and near-extinct marine life. But, Whale Shark, the biggest fish ever to glide through the world’s waters, steals the spotlight. These gentle giants visit their second home of Ningaloo Reef, from around March to July each year. But, at times the season can run right through to August or September. 

Ningaloo Whale Shark Tours

This incredible wildlife encounter is the experience of a lifetime! Imagine swimming in the tropical waters beside one of these gentle giants of 16 metres in length. Go on a whale shark snorkel tour to get close to the action. Tours operate daily from both Exmouth and Coral Bay. They are suitable for people of all ages as long as they have a basic swimming ability. 

Ningaloo Campsites

At Ningaloo, you will be lost for choice of things to do! Rent a sea kayak or jump on a boat tour. Spot sea turtles, tropical fish or even a humpback whale! Scuba dive through coral lagoons and stunning sea beds, or embark on an inland adventure! Whatever you do, you will need nearby accommodation. Here’s a round-up of the best Ningaloo campsites;

  • Ningaloo Station

Ningaloo Station is home to a wide range of animals, from goannas to sheep and goats to kangaroos. It lets you camp in the grounds and encourages you to show respect for the natural environment. Choose from 5 camping areas, stretching from Winderabandi Point to Jane Bay. It has many historical sites, including Point Cloates Lighthouse and many shipwrecks too. 

Address: Unnamed Road, Ningaloo WA 6701, Australia


  • Warroora Station – 14 Mile

Warroora Station showcases the very best of the stunning shoreline of Ningaloo. Warroora Station allows visitors to get back to nature for a small cost. This venue costs $10 per person per day, or $50 per person per week. The picturesque campsite is comprised of 5 areas to set up camp, 14 Mile being one of the favourites. Don’t forget to take advantage of the easy access to the sea.

Address: Exmouth Coral Bay Road, Carnarvon, WA, 6707, Australia

Phone:   +61 8 9942 5920


  • Warroora Station – The Lagoon

The Lagoon, also a popular area in Warroora Station, is a two-minute walk from the beach. At $10 per person per day, you can set up camp at this venue. Explore the secret bays, salt water inlet and gorgeous rock pools that this area has to offer.

Address: Exmouth Coral Bay Road, Carnarvon, WA, 6707, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9942 5920


  • Warroora Station – Elle’s Beach

Elle’s Beach is a quiet retreat to unwind from a jam-packed day of activities. It is yet another popular campsite in Warroora Station. Elle’s Beach neighbours the stunning coral gardens of the Ningaloo Reef. It offers affordable diving and snorkelling experiences. Elle’s Beach also offers panoramic ocean views as it is situated in close proximity to the coastline.

Address: Exmouth Coral Bay Road, Carnarvon, WA, 6707, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9942 5920


Karijini National Park

Gorges, Waterfalls and Rock Pools of Karijini

Karijini National Park is in the making for two-billion years. It is one of Australia’s most spectacular natural attractions. It offers amazing hiking trails through ancient gorges. Karijini’s has majestic gorges, stunning vistas, waterfalls and serene swimming holes. These geological wonders are accessible throughout the year. Here are some of its rugged, and yet breathtakingly beautiful, features not to be missed;

  • Weano Gorge

Weano Gorge’s winding corridors of red rock, rock pools and waterfalls are for you to explore. These beautiful geological features are 2 billion years old. Experience the thrill of jumping down from the waterfall. Encounter the epic rock face at “The Centre of the Earth.” Spot rock wallabies, birds, amphibians and reptiles that call Karijini home.

For more information on Weano Gorge, please visit;

  • Handrail Pool

Go on a “journey to the centre of the earth!” Handrail Pool is one of the many spectacular gorges at the Karijini National Park. The tracks are very rough, steep and unmarked. But, you will be rewarded once you reach your destination.  The experience of immersing yourself in a reddish yellow stone lined waterhole is almost surreal.  Please note that a high level of fitness and experience is required. 

For more information on the Handrail Pool, please visit;

  • Dales Gorge and Circular Pool

Dales Gorge and Circular Pool are two of the best picnic spots on Karijini. Dales Gorge is 100 metres deep. Admire the red-terraced cliffs weathered by time. The lush green ferns and occasional gum trees stand in contrast to the cliffs. Swim in the stream, permanent and refreshing water pools and beneath stunning waterfalls. Discover the secret gardens and the clear rock pool of the Circular Pool. 

For more information on Dales Gorge and Circular Pool, please visit;

  • Fortescue Falls

Fortescue Falls is Karijini National Park’s only permanent waterfall. Permanent water is a welcome sight in this harsh rocky environment. The beautiful waterfall cascades down more than 20 metres over a series of natural rock steps. It ends up in a fern-lined pool. You can also enjoy spectacular views of Fortescue Falls from the top of Dales Gorge.

For more information on Fortescue Falls, please visit;

  • Fern Pool

Fern Pool is a lush oasis in a harsh environment! This refreshing, spring-fed Fern Pool is surrounded by paperbarks and delicate ferns. It is about 10 minutes away from Fortescue Falls and is one of the most picturesque settings in the park. 

For more information on Fern Pool, please visit;

  • Hancock Gorge and Kermits Pool

The Hancock Gorge is simply stunning. But, caution should be taken when entering the Hancock Gorge. This short, but exciting trail takes you deep into the gorge. You will pass narrow chambers, the natural amphitheatre and beautiful rock pools in the gorge. The infamous Spider Walk leads you to the green waters of the Kermits Pool.

For more information on Hancock Gorge and Kermits Pool, please visit;

  • Knox Gorge and Lookout

Knox Gorge is a deep chasm that runs along the Knox Lookout. The slanting sun rays play magic on this spectacular panorama. As such, visit this lookout during the late afternoons or early mornings to witness this amazing scene. Scramble over rocks with fig branches and swim in beautiful pools! Practise caution while in the gorges and leave when it starts to rain to avoid flash floods.

For more information on Knox Gorge and Lookout, please visit;

  • Hamersley Gorge

Visit the gorgeous and tranquil Hamersley Gorge. Dip into its revitalizing waters. Hamersley Gorge is the natural spa rock pool situated in the Karijini National Park. Be awed at the million-year-old spectacular rock formations above you, as you lie back in the water. Admire the reflections on the water as the rock above you changes colour from dawn to dusk.

For more information on the Hamersley Gorge, please visit;

Karijini Visitor Centre

Karijini Visitor Centre is located in the Karijini National Park. The centre’s extensive interpretive displays portray the aboriginal culture and heritage. They also describe the pastoral and mining histories, geology, flora and fauna. Follow the informative walking trail located at the rear of the visitor centre. Please note that the centre is closed from early December to early February each year. 

For more information on the Karijini Visitor Centre, please visit;

Karijini Eco Retreat

The Karijini Eco Retreat is situated at the Karijini National Park. It is one of Australia’s leading eco-tourism attractions. The retreat offers eco tents, cabins, campsites and an outback-style restaurant. The units of accommodation are nestled among native bush-land at the edge of Joffre Gorge. 


The Karijini Eco Retreat is multi-award winning and environmentally friendly. It is 100% Aboriginal-owned. The owners represent the Banjima, Yinhawangka and Nyiyaparli people of the Pilbara region.

COVID-19 information

Karijini Eco Retreat will be closed from January 17th, 2021 to March 1st, 2021. But, the reservations office will take bookings and enquiries Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm. Please call on (08) 9286 1731 or email [email protected]

For more information on the Karijini Eco Retreat, please visit;


There’s a reason why Broome is the final stop on this journey. Broome is the seaside pearling town with a rich history and awesome cafés. It provides respite from the otherwise desolate outback areas. At the same time, it keeps the fabulous views and coastal activities you’ve enjoyed along the way. Enjoy all that Broome has to offer while you are here.

  • Cable Beach

When you finish your tour in Broome, it is not complete without a swim at Cable Beach. Watch one of the awesome Cable Beach sunsets to complete your tour.

  • Gantheaume Point

Gantheaume Point is one of the best paleontological sites in the world. It is situated 5-minutes-drive away from Broome. Walk in the footprints of long-extinct dinosaurs! These footprints have been preserved in the reef rock for over 125 million years! The footprints are only visible at low tide, while at high tide you can view the plaster casts of the footprints. Jump from the rocks just for the thrill of it.

For more information on Gantheaume Point, please visit;

Staircase to the Moon

Staircase to the Moon is a natural phenomenon that occurs when a full moon rises over the exposed tidal flats of Roebuck Bay. This magical occurrence happens 2 – 3 days a month between March and October. 

Staircase to the Moon Markets

The first two days of Staircase to the Moon generally play host to these markets at Town Beach. Sample local produce, buy hand-made products and a variety of international food at the bustling night market. Enjoy live entertainment too.

2021 Staircase to the Moon Dates

March 2021 April 2021 May 2021
March 29, 18:32 April 27, 17:50 May 27, 18:13
March 30, 19:16 April 28, 18:40 May 28, 19:15
March 31, 20:03 April 29, 19:34 May 29, 20:19


June 2021 July 2021 August 2021
June 25, 17:58 July 24, 17:47 August 23, 18:30
June 26, 19.03 July 25, 18:49 August 24, 19:24
June 27, 20:06 July 26, 19:48 August 25, 20:15


September 2021 October 2021 November 2021
September 21, 18:06 October 21, 18:29 November 20, 18:57
September 22, 18:56 October 22, 19:19 November 21, 19:49
September 23, 19:46 October 23, 20:10 November 22, 20:41
20 Best Places to Eat and Drink in Broome

There are 57 languages spoken in the Shire of Broome. The result is an amazing melting pot of local and international cuisine. Now you can indulge in it while you are in Broome.

1. The Mango Place

Address: Lot 4, 12 Mile/ 120 Kanagae Drive, Broome WA 6725 

Phone: +61 08 9192 5462


Try delicious beef and mango pie, mango smoothie or hand-made woodfired pizza at this awesome outdoor café.

2. Little Indian Restaurant

Address: Shop 3, Cnr Frederick & Hamersley Street, Broome WA 6725 

Phone: +61 08 9192 1697


Authentic Indian food made with the finest ingredients and a myriad of imported spices.

3. Cichetti Club Restaurant

Address: Cable Beach Road West, Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa, Broome, WA 6725

Phone: + 61 08 9192 0411 

Facebook page:

Handmade pasta, fresh seafood and unexpected flavour twangs from around the world!

4. The Aarli

Address: 16, Hamersley Street, Broome

Phone: +61 08 9192 5529


Drop in for some quick tapas (Med-Asian fusion) or the main meal. Work through the excellent wine list too.

5. Bay Club

Address: 47 Carnarvon Street, Broome, WA 6725

Phone: + 61 08 9192 1303


Healthy bistro meals and live music as you take in the excellent Staircase to the Moon view!

6. Good Cartel

Address: 3, Weld Street, Broome, WA 6725

Phone: + 61 0499 335 949 

Facebook page:

Grab a great coffee, healthy juice and Mexican-themed brekkies.

7. Dragonfly Café

Address: 6, Carnarvon Street, Broome.

Phone: +61 08 9192 3222

Facebook page:

Great coffee, breakfast and lunch with friendly service.

8. Runway Bar & Restaurant

Address: 17, Carnarvon Street, Broome, WA 6725

Phone: + 61 08 9192 8111


Culinary excellence with spectacular aeroplane views!

9. Bali Hai Café

Address: 6, Murray Road, Cable Beach, Broome WA 6726

Phone: +61 08 9191 3160


Drop in for a succulent Sunday roast.

10. Asian Noodles

Address: 22A, Broome Boulevard Shopping Centre, Frederick Street, Broome WA 6725

Phone: +61 08 9192 8977


Enjoy a delicious and filling meal of noodles.

11. Broome RSL

Address: 14, Robinson Street, Broome WA 6725

Phone: +61 08 9192 1003


Family-friendly facilities, restaurant and licensed premises for members, locals and visitors.

12. Kitchen Cabana

Address: Shop 17, Paspaley Plaza, 8, Carnarvon Street, Broome.

Phone: +61 08 9192 7074


Indulge in the flavoursome Mexican cuisine.

13. Bluey’s Place

Address: 16, Frederick Street, Broome 6725

Phone: +61 08 91921747


Drop in Bluey’s Place for the best Fish and Chips in town.

14. Som Thai Restaurant

Address: 5, Napier Terrace, Broome, WA 6725

Phone: +61 08 9192 6186


Authentic Thai dishes and Indian specialities offered in an appealing setting.

15. Cairo Cafe 

Address: 7/16, Frederick Street, Broome, WA 6725

Phone: +61 8 9192 3283


Delicious flavours of Mediterranean dishes to authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. 

16. Jack’s Restaurant and Bar

Address: 323 Thangoo Station, Great Northern Highway, Broome WA

Phone: +61 08 9193 8015


A range of special dining experiences including beach dinner and picnic hampers.

17. Town Beach Village Bar & Satay Hut

Address: Walcott Street, Broome, WA 6725 

Phone: +61 08 91921897


Drop in for excellent burgers which are hard to forget.

 18. Land of Pharaohs

Address: 20 Carnarvon Street, Broome, WA 6725

Phone: +61 08 9192 6469

Facebook page:

Indulge your taste buds with meat kebabs and traditional slow-cooked Egyptian Curry.

19. The Green Mango Café

Address: 2/12 Carnarvon Street, Broome,WA 6725

Phone: +61 08 91925512


Delicious breakfast, brunch and lunch.

20. Sanders at Cable Beach

Address: Cable Beach Road, Broome WA 6725

Phone: +61 08 9193 5090


Brekkie, modern Australian dishes and cocktails served in a breezy setting. The venue has excellent views of the water.

Bookings for National Parks

Exploring Western Australia’s stunning national parks and reserves? Park Passes offer both value for money and convenience.  Collect your park e-pass to visit the amazing national parks and reserves of Western Australia.  It is your ticket to nature! 

For more information on this matter, please visit;

Park Access, Road Conditions and Closure Alerts

Don’t let park closures or unexpected road conditions spoil your much-awaited Western Australian holiday.

For information on park access, road conditions and closures within the parks, as well as various hazard alerts, please visit;

Camping in Western Australia

Sleep beneath a star-filled sky! Wake up amidst wildflowers or to the sound of the ocean and greet wildlife! Or, simply marvel at the billions-of-years old pre-historic gorges, mountains and waterfalls. Welcome to Western Australia’s boundless opportunities for camping adventures!

Conditions to be met while camping;

Accommodation providers and campers must meet the following conditions as per the “Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Act 1995”;

  • Caretakers, Rangers and Police are Authorized Officers; their lawful direction must be followed.
  • Potable water may not be available on site.
  • Each campsite must have a chemical toilet; on-site toilets are for day users only.
  • Sullage disposal points should be made available.
  • During Camping Season, check-in with the caretaker to be directed to a suitable site.
  • Camp only within the existing campsites.
  • Maintain a 3-metre clearance between sites.
  • Site must be left tidy and clean on departure.
  • Bins are for household rubbish only; rubbish must be placed in the bins or removed.
  • Wrap and bin fish offal; do not discard in the water or around the beach and camp areas.
  • Bring your own firewood for cooking fires; no existing foliage to be damaged.
  • No open fires of any type on very high or higher fire danger days.
  • Anti-social behaviour is not tolerated.
  • Dogs are permitted under provisions of the Dog Act 1976.
  • Be courteous with the use of generators; switch off between 10 pm and 6 am.
  • Drive only on existing tracks; watch for wildlife, vehicles and pedestrians. 

Campsites from Perth to Broome


1. Perth Hills Discovery Centre

The Perth Hills Discovery Centre is an amazing location to get away from the demands of big city life. This venue is perfect for a quick weekend getaway. It is located in close proximity to Perth and Mundaring within the Beelu National Park.  The campsite is nestled within the forest and offers many picturesque trails to walk and cycle. It also rewards you with glimpses of C.Y. O’Connor Lake.


  • Hot showers
  • Camp kitchen

Address: 380 Allen Rd, Mundaring WA 6073, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9295 2244


2. Discovery Parks – Swan Valley

The Discovery Parks of Swan Valley is set in a beautiful surrounding. It is perfect for a family holiday or a romantic getaway for two. Located in the heart of the Swan Valley wine region, it can be reached with a 25-minutes-drive from Perth CBD. Family fun is guaranteed by Whiteman Park, Caversham Wildlife Park and the township of historic Guildford. 


  • Caravan storage sites
  • Camp kitchen, BBQ
  • Playground, swimming pool
  • WiFi lounge
  • Pet friendly

Address: 91 Benara Rd, Caversham WA 6055, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9279 6700



1. Lancelin Holiday Park

Enjoy a relaxing weekend or a beautiful extended holiday at Lancelin Holiday Park. The site is situated amidst aqua beaches, epic sand dunes and windsurfing spots. The holiday park has a range of accommodation facilities near stunning beaches.


  • Swimming pool
  • Spa
  • Pet friendly
  • Fully powered caravan bays 
  • Unpowered tent sites

Address: Hopkins Street, Lancelin, WA 6044, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9655 1056



1. Nambung Station Stay

Nambung Station Stay is a farm stay, spread out on a 2500-hectare sheep and cattle farm. The campsite is located near the Pinnacles and Nambung National Park. It provides various accommodation options in a nature-based park. The venue provides farm tours and access to the Painted Desert (part of Pinnacles).


  • Camp kitchen
  • Caravan park
  • Ablutions
  • Bed-and-breakfast accommodation
  • On-site caravans
  • Powered and unpowered sites

Address:   2269 Wongonderrah Rd, Nambung WA 6521, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9652 4048



1. RAC Cervantes Holiday Park

RAC Cervantes Holiday Park is situated north of Perth and south of Geraldton, on the scenic Indian Ocean Drive. This holiday park is situated near the Pinnacles, Nambung National Park. Spectacular wildflowers regions are located near to it too. Further, it is a perfect spot to enjoy kitesurfing, windsurfing, adventure walking, boating, fishing, swimming, skydiving and scenic helicopter flights.


  • Beachfront powered and unpowered caravan and campsites 
  • Cabins, tents and villas
  • Gift shop
  • Seashells café 
  • Heated pool
  • Pet friendly

Address: 35 Aragon St, Cervantes WA 6511, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9652 7060


Jurien Bay

1. Jurien Bay Tourist Park

Jurien Bay Tourist Park is a very popular destination on the beach with a jetty right in front of it. It is located a 3-hour drive north of Perth. The venue is at the heart of the wildflower region and near to the Pinnacles. All amenities are within walking distance from the campsite. Accommodation is available to suit all budgets.


  • Camping and caravan sites
  • On-site caravans with annexes
  • Luxury chalets
  •  All-day entertainment for children
  • Pet friendly

Address: Roberts St, Jurien Bay WA 6516, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9652 1595



1. Murchison House Station

The Murchison House working station has a history of over 150 years.  It contains over 60 km of rugged Indian Ocean coastline and over 30 km of Murchison River floodplains. The station is situated on the tranquil banks of the Murchison River. It adjoins the Kalbarri National Park too. The venue offers homestead and bush camping.  Have a real outback experience at this working station!


  • Camping facilities along the riverbank
  • Bush camping for self-sufficient 4WD vehicles

Address: 5618 Ajana-Kalbarri Rd, Kalbarri WA 6536, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9937 1998


2. Kalbarri Tudor Holiday Park

The family-friendly Kalbarri Tudor Holiday Park is right in the middle of the town centre. The holiday park caters for all budgets. Thus, most shops and amenities and the local beach are well within your easy reach. Check out the recently opened skywalk! 


  • Powered and unpowered sites
  • Cabins, pool villas, motel units
  • Swimming pool
  • Playground equipment

Address: 10 Porter St, Kalbarri WA 6536, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9937 1077


Shark Bay

1. Bottle Bay Camping

The park features a bush camping area at Bottle Bay with basic facilities. The camping area is accessible only by high-clearance 4WD vehicles. Campers are advised to be self-reliant and to bring drinking water adequate for the stay. Caravans are not recommended due to the narrow and soft sand tracks. The campground is operated on the ‘first come first serve’ basis.


  • Gas BBQs
  • Toilets

Address:  Francois Peron National Park WA 6537, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9948 1208


2. Hamelin Pool Caravan Park

The Hamelin Pool Caravan Park is located in the Shark Bay world-heritage-listed area. Enjoy the delicious meals, a choice of milkshakes, snacks, speciality coffee or tea in the tea room.


  • Powered and unpowered tents
  • Caravan sites
  • Air-conditioned units
  • Camp kitchen and BBQ
  • Toilets and showers
  • Freshwater
  • Pet friendly

Address: Hamelin Pool WA 6532, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9942 5905


3. Homestead Campgrounds

The Homestead Campgrounds is located on the secluded Dirk Hartog Island, Shark Bay. 


  • Camp kitchen
  • Gas BBQ, fire pit, food preparation area and sink
  • Toilets and hot showers

Address: Dirk Hartog Island WA 6537, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9948 1211



1. RAC Exmouth Cape Holiday Park

RAC Exmouth Cape Holiday Park is at the gateway to Ningaloo Reef. It offers several accommodation options. This holiday park is popular amongst backpackers.


  • Self-contained cabins, chalets, motel rooms, en-suite sites
  • Powered and unpowered caravan sites
  • Backpackers and campers facilities
  • Outdoor pool, lagoon swimming pool, children’s wading pool
  • Camp kitchen, BBQ
  • Games room, playground
  • WiFi

Address: 3 Truscott Cres, Exmouth WA 6707, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9949 1101


2. Yardie Homestead

Yardie Homestead is located at the gateway to the Cape Range National Park. Set up camp at this venue and rediscover the joy and simplicity of camping. Yardie Homestead generates its own power due to the isolated location of the campsite. As such, restrictions do apply. The use of toasters, electric jugs or fry pans, heaters, air conditioners or conventional microwaves is not allowed. 


  • Powered caravan and camping sites
  • Unpowered caravan and camping sites
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Air conditioning
  • Restaurant
  • Tennis court
  • Laundry facilities
  • Camp kitchen, BBQ

Address: Yardie Creek Rd, Exmouth WA 6707, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9949 1389



1. Cleaverville Campsite

Clearville Campsite is located 20 minutes northwest of Karratha. It is a popular spot for camping. This campsite offers bush camping and basic camping facilities. Bring plenty of drinking water as it is not available on-site. 


  • Boat ramp
  • Public toilets
  • Sullage disposal points
  • Pet friendly

Address: Cleaverville Rd, Cleaverville WA 6714, Australia


Port Hedland

1. Turf Club Free Camping Area

This free campsite allows guests to camp from May till the end of August. Travellers driving fully self-contained RV vehicles can camp here for two nights. These self-contained vehicles should contain showers and a toilet as well. Further, they should also contain all the waste for later disposal.

Address:  McGregor St, Port Hedland WA 6721, Australia



1. Mango Campground 

Mango Campground is situated in old Broome, a short walk from Town Beach. This area is famous for the Staircase to the Moon phenomenon. It is also in close proximity to shops, restaurants and cafés. The town bus service is accessible from here. Thus, you can commute around Broome economically.


  • Ablution facilities
  • Coin operated washing machines
  • Camper’s kitchen
  • Small refrigerator for extra fee

Address: 1 Robert St, Broome WA 6725, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9195 0003


2. Broome Vacation Village

Broome Vacation Village offers you the perfect place to relax and unwind. Enjoy the many attractions that Broome has to offer making the Vacation Village as your base.


  • Camping facilities
  • Self-contained studio cabins, self-contained chalets
  • Bus stop directly outside the entrance
  • En-suite sites with shower/toilet facilities
  • Camp kitchen, BBQ
  • Air-conditioning
  • Internet access 

Address:  122 Port Dr, Minyirr WA 6725, Australia

Phone: +61 8 9192 1057


Tips for staying safe on a camping trip

Staying safe from wildlife

  • Don’t leave out food that might attract animals
  • Keep tents zipped and doors closed
  • Beware of inland bodies of water which may contain crocodiles
  • Wear sturdy shoes and make a lot of noise when you are walking in grass or bush. Snakes and spiders don’t want to come into contact with you either.

Staying safe from bush-fire

  • While in national parks and free campsites, check the rules on open fires.
  • Follow the specific fire bans especially during the dry months.
  • It is illegal to collect firewood and kindling in national parks. 

All you need to know about Australia’s insects:

Australia’s deadly world of arachnids, reptiles and insects is an off-putting factor for many travellers.  Many people on a Perth to Broome coach tour also may feel the same. As such, let us put the record straight. Let’s debunk a few myths about what might lurk in the long grass of your new backyard.

  • Common Spiders

Here are some facts about spiders: Yes, some of them are big. Big and crawly. Yes, some of them are poisonous. But, Arachnids have not been responsible for any fatalities in Australia for decades.

  • Funnel Web Spiders

However, take care not to get bitten by Funnel Web Spider because it’s one of the deadliest spiders in the world. There are forty different species of Funnel Web Spiders. If you suspect you have been bitten by one of them, dash over to A&E. 

Signs when bitten by a Funnel Web Spider are as follows;

– Tingling sensations around the lips 

– Sweating 

– Nausea 

– Vomiting 

– Headache 

– High blood pressure 

  • Black Widow Spiders

The Black Widow Spider does not bite unless it is provoked in any way. As this is a very poisonous spider, get anti-venom as quick as possible. 

  • Snakes

Snakes are a deadly menace and it is these unforgiving inhabitants you need to be mostly wary of. Australia is home to seven species of the 10 most poisonous snakes in the world. Among the most feared are the Eastern Brown snake and the Australian Tiger snake. Worse still is the not-at-all misleadingly named ‘Death Adder.’

  • Jumper Ants

The jumper ants are venomous, scavenging carnivores.  They are responsible for more deaths in Tasmania than sharks, snakes, wasps and spiders combined.  However, only four Tasmanians have died of a Jack Jumper sting in the last 30 years. As such don’t let your irrational fears spoil your wonderful holiday.

Backpackers on the Western Coast

Backpacker Accommodation in Western Australia

Backpacker Accommodation from Exmouth to Broome

When you arrive in Coral Bay or Exmouth, the first concern of a backpacker might be finding affordable accommodation.  There are many hostels that provide front door access to the underwater playground. These are economical too. Here are a few suggestions;


1. Escape Backpackers Exmouth YHA Hostel

Escape Backpackers Exmouth YHA Hostel is situated in the centre of Exmouth. It is the perfect spot from which to plan a Ningaloo Reef experience. 

Address: 561 Murat Rd, Exmouth WA 6707, Australia

Contact Number: +61 8 9949 1200

Email: [email protected]

Accommodation Link:

2. Winston’s Backpackers

Address: 1112 Murat Rd, Exmouth WA 6707, Australia

Contact Number: +61 8 9949 2377

Email: [email protected]

Accommodation Link: 

3. YHA Potshot Resort

YHA Potshot Resort offers an enjoyable and relaxed accommodation. This venue caters to all your holiday needs. Lots of like-minded backpackers to keep you company during your stay in Exmouth stay here.

Address: 561 Murat Rd, Exmouth WA 6707, Australia

Contact Number: +61 8 9949 1200

Email: [email protected]

Accommodation Link:

4. RAC Exmouth Cape Holiday Park

RAC Exmouth Cape Holiday Park is at the gateway to Ningaloo Reef.  If offers a children’s playground and a swimming pool.  This holiday park is popular among backpackers.  

Address: 3 Truscott Cres, Exmouth WA 6707, Australia

Contact Number: +61 8 9949 1101

Accommodation Link:


1. Beaches of Broome

Relax in the lounge, watch a movie or shoot pool with your friends. Or simply laze around next to the sparkling swimming pool.

Address: 4 Sanctuary Rd, Cable Beach WA 6726, Australia

Contact Number: +61 1300 881 031

Email: [email protected]

Accommodation Link:

2. Kimberley Travellers Lodge

Kimberley Travellers Lodge is situated at the centre of Broome. It offers various accommodation packages at affordable prices.

Address: 9a Bagot St, Djugun WA 6725, Australia

Contact Number: +61 8 9193 7778

Email: [email protected]

Accommodation Link:

3. Kimberley Klub YHA

Kimberley Klub YHA offers several types of accommodation for any budget. 

Address:  62 Frederick St, Broome WA 6725, Australia

Contact Number: +61 8 9192 3233

Email: [email protected]

Facebook page:

4. Roey Backpackers and Party Bar

Roey Backpackers is 5 km away from Broome. Featured accommodation includes a bar, free parking and restaurant. 

Address: 33 Carnarvon St, Broome WA 6725, Australia

Contact Number: +61 8 9192 1221


Accommodation Link:

5. Cable Beach Backpackers

Cable Beach Backpackers is one of the best budget hostels in Broome. The affordable prices will help the backpackers save a lot of money.

Address: 12 Sanctuary Rd, Cable Beach WA 6726, Australia

Contact Number: +61 1800 655 011

Email: [email protected]

Accommodation Link:

Backpacker Jobs in Western Australia

In recent years Australia had become one of the popular locations for backpackers. This is mainly due to the 2-year working holiday visa available to most nationalities.  Great climate and flights from around the world to Australia have also contributed to this.