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    What attracts Australian expats to Asia?

    Australia is located just over the ocean from the south-eastern parts of Asia, and as a result it’s no surprise many Aussies make the move over to the Asian continent every year. Around 24% of Australian expats currently live in Asia, and cities from Shanghai to Singapore are now hotspots for professionals.

    And while moving away from your home country into a whole new place can seem a little daunting, there’s lots of reasons that many Australians find themselves enjoying a slice of Asian life. Here are just some of the top reasons why so many make the move and set up a new life for themselves on the wonderful and exciting continent of Asia.

    Lifestyle and travel

    Australians like to enjoy themselves by relaxing in the evenings and at weekends, and although there’s a lot of hard work to be done out in Asia, there are plenty of opportunities to socialise. Whether it’s at rooftop bars in places like Singapore or at simple expat meet-ups in towns and cities across the country, there’s lots to do. And if it all gets too much, you’re never too far away from somewhere for an amazing holiday such as Bali in Indonesia or Goa in India.

    Strong standards of education

    For many Australians, though, one of the main attractions of Asia is the culture of hard work that exists in the continent’s schools. An Australian education in Singapore provides the best of both worlds: expat children can learn the same material as they would at home, but with the added benefit of strong classroom standards, top athletics facilities and much more. It’s a win-win situation.

    Better workforce and opportunities

    It’s widely known that many Asian economies surge ahead due to the talents and hard work of the employees, often because those countries’ strong educational systems encourage tenacity and other positive traits. Many Australian workers used to laid-back work atmospheres back home go out to countries such as Singapore and find themselves marvelling at how smoothly and efficiently the systems work.

    For those who want to work hard and get ahead, this can be an amazing opportunity. SAP Asia COO, Scott Russell, who moved out to work in Singapore, said the structure there was “very well-organised… you’re able to seamlessly move into a professional environment in a different country and be able to get up and running almost immediately”.

    Supportive communities

    But when moving abroad, the first thing many people think of isn’t the jobs or schools – it’s whether they’ll be able to make new mates! Luckily, there are lots of thriving expat communities in the major Asian cities, and you’ll always be able to meet English-speaking people to make friends with. It’s not all focused around drinking either: sports events, dinner parties and more are all on offer.

    Making the big move from Australia to another country can seem daunting. But with so many opportunities for success available in Asia, the move doesn’t seem quite as challenging. With great schools and a supportive, friendly expat community on your side, you’ll always be able to find a way to make the move work for you.

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