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Sailing Holidays In Greece

Imagine the sun soaked deck of a boat surrounded by azure waters as you gently bob up and down to the rhythm of the sea, cocktail in hand as you tan. Sound idyllic? Well we can tell you just how you can make that image a reality with Sail In Greece.

Offering sailing holidays in Greece around the Greek Islands, we find out from tour passenger, Valentine Akem, 25, just a few of the highlights you can experience on a sailing holiday with Sail In Greece.

What made you want to go on a sailing holiday in Greece?
I wanted to combine sunshine, good food, fun and to meet new people.

What time of year did you go on the tour?
Early July – in the summer.

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What was your favourite island that you visited and why?
Ios. The bars and clubs were great. Easy to walk everywhere.

What was a highlight in terms of entertainment on board the Sail In Greece boat?
The people on the boat were fun and we played drinking games and music.

Where was the best bar you visited on land during the tour?
Paradise Beach – Guapaloca.

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What’s a good way to spend the day whilst on a Sail In Greece cruise?
Swimming and relaxing.

Did you get up to any further activities whilst on the tour, if so what would you recommend?
Renting the quad bikes in Paros.

What were your top 3 fun moments from the tour?
1) Fun Pub in Ios: Had 2 grenade bombs.
2) Far Out Beach Club in Ios: Will Sparks played.
3) Jarred doing a striptease on the boat for the lucky ladies.

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the cruise and would you recommend it to a friend?
8/10. I would definitely recommend it!

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