What to Pack for a Ski and Snowboard Trip

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Winter is right around the corner, and some of us just cannot wait to hop on our skis and snowboards. Even though it can sometimes be so hard to pack for a skiing or snowboarding trip, there are a few essential things you should never forget to bring with you. Here is our list of absolute necessities for a skiing or snowboarding trip:


Above everything else, you have to make sure your head is warm and safe. In order to keep it like that, packing a wool hat, ski goggles and a helmet is a must. Even though helmets can be pretty pricey, there are a few relatively affordable options that will do the job just fine. As far as ski goggles go, you also don’t need to waste a great deal of money on them (as long as they are comfortable and have anti-fogging tech).

Ski Jacket

Depending on your budget and experience, there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to skiing and snowboarding jackets. There are a few models out there in the lower price range that will do the job just fine (like the Patagonia Rubicon). If you know you are not great at handling low temperatures, make sure to buy a jacket which provides you with more insulation.

Ski Pants (Trousers) 

There is no need to throw away your money on an expensive pair of snow pants. For a $100 you can buy a decent pair that is waterproof, seam-sealed and durable.

Base Layer

If you really do want stay warm and dry, investing a bit of money on a base layer has to be one of your top priorities. Merino is probably the best choice to go for, as far as materials go.

Ski Socks

Quality ski and snowboard socks are very important if you want to dodge the trouble of blisters and banged shins. Buying a pair of high wool socks (Merino blend), will keep your mind away from everything else except enjoyment. As long as you have a decent pair of ski boots, socks shouldn’t cause any other issues.


Now, gloves are a necessity. Keeping your fingers warm and dry should be of utmost importance. Having frozen fingers can really mess up your whole skiing experience. Granted, a solid pair of ski gloves can cost you a small fortune, but then again, there are affordable alternatives. For just above $100 you can buy yourself a decent pair of ski gloves. What you should look for is great insulation, durability, waterproofness and comfort.  

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You never know when you’ll face extraordinary experiences. If you have a decent camera, don’t forget to bring it with you. GoPro would be the perfect solution for recording your ski and snowboard exhibitions.

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