Whitsundays Travel Tours Queensland

Whitsundays Travel Tours Queensland

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JUST when you thought that we couldn’t tell you anymore wonderful things about the beauty of Queensland BBM has decided to hit you in the face with a feature on the Whitsunday Islands. We know what you’re thinking – ‘what’s so special about a group of islands?’ To this we say ‘try 74 islands you skeptic!’ Whitsundays Travel Tours Queensland.

Each one has something different to offer and visitors will see everything from breath-taking rock formations to the striking, sandy inlets that line the coral reef. The Whitsundays, located between Townsville and Mackay, are about 900km north of Brisbane and offer so many options that you won’t know what to do with yourself. If you find yourself here then you must look into one of the various boat tours offered as they are the best way to see the most of the islands. The Great Barrier Reef is only moments away, so it’s a great place to take an excursion.

But if taking in natural beauty and snorkeling the reef is too much work for your lazy arse then you won’t be hard-pressed to find amazing beaches to relax on. The incredible thing about these islands is that they offer just about everything for everyone. It doesn’t matter what you’re seeking on your holiday because you are most certain to find it here. The area caters to the eco-lovers, the famwhitsundays imageily friendly, the all inclusive types, the adventure seekers, the food and wine snobs, the party-crazy or those who just crave pure luxury.

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The list can go on forever

Listing each one of the magnificent islands of the Whitsundays is like compiling a list of Jennifer Anniston’s emotional problems-fun, but time-consuming. Therefore, we will just tell you that it is in your best interest to visit as many as you can because they are all unique. As we said, the best way to do this is by traveling on one of the many boats. The type of trips offered will vary dramatically but it’s nice to have options. There are day cruises that will take you in and amongst the islands if you’re pushed for time. However, if possible it’s well worth spending a few nights out at sea.

Different companies will offer different accommodation preferences so if you shop around you’re certain to find something that meets your needs. Some boats will drop you off at a resort while others allow you to sleep right onboard. You can travel on anything from a 70ft catamaran to an old-school sailboat so you will most definitely find something to suit your price range.

Sail on summer time

If you are looking for a cruise that encompasses just about everything that the Whitsundays has to offer then we highly recommend sailing on the Summertime. This ship is one of the most popular in the area and requires booking at least a month in advance if you want to treat yourself to it.

If you have the money there are many of options for resorts that will allow you to either relax or go wild.
On Whitsunday Island you will find a resort called the Koala Adventure Island that allows you to do both. The Great Barrier Reef surrounds it, and while it’s renowned for its stunning beaches and marine life, it’s also becoming known for its party scene.

The resort was designed for those aged 18 and over and allows visitors to relax and explore by day and party by night. There is a lively nightclub full of excited young backpackers just like you so you are guaranteed to have some great memories, and some that are a little fuzzy. There are also some more posh and family resorts located around here and on Hamilton Island, so it doesn’t matter what crowd you fit, because this is a place that can adapt to you.

Whitehaven Beachwhitsundays heart island picture

The main island here is coincidentally named Whitsunday Island and it is home to one of the premier spots of the area, Whitehaven Beach. With it’s 7 kilometers of clear water and pristine silica sand, this a definite must-see for everyone. The sand is so fine here that it was used by NASA to build the Hubble Space Telescope-we didn’t know the thing was made of sand, but that made the beach all the more impressive.

You absolutely cannot miss a chance to see Hill Inlet. It is a cove where the tide shifts the sand and water to create a beautiful fusion of colours. It is at the northern end of the beach and it will leave you breathless.

There are many ways to take in the sights including ocean rafting, sea-kayaking, or a jet boat trip. But you can also take a seaplane or helicopter tour if you want to one-up everyone with an exclusive view. You can even set up a picnic on your own private area of the beach if you choose. Whatever the case, it is a feast for the senses and you will get to see nature at its best. There are a variety of ferries and luxury cruises that offer day trips here and many multi-day charters as well, so there are no excuses for missing this spot.

Travel to Western Australia 

Airlie Beach

AS A backpacker you have an innate desire to combine natural beauty and cheap food with lots of drunken dancing. Picture your standard beautiful beach, there’s probably some palm trees, clean sand, and calm, clear waters. Okay, that’s all well and fine but Airlie has a little something extra.

Not only does it have the water and sand but it’s also surrounded by al fresco cafes and cheap places to eat. The nightlife is some of the best around. Oh yeah, it’s a great place to go island hopping to the tropical paradise known as The Whitsundays. Therefore we can say with total confidence that Airlie Beach is the greatest place for all of us. whitsundays sailing picture

It’s a given that most people reading this appreciate getting pissed and sucking the face off of a stranger. We’ll get to that in a minute. First we’d like to inform you about the striking features of this town and the surrounding areas. Airlie Beach is a colourful, cosmopolitan and inviting town overlooking the waters of Pioneer Bay. It is an ideal mainland base for island adventure in the Whitsundays and it’s perfect for backpackers.

The maginficient view

When heading into Airlie, the road climbs high above the Abel Point Marina and gives you a view of the magnificent coast and islands in the distance. At this point you’ll know that your decision to come here was the right one. You can find places to swim at the beach. There is also the massive Airlie Lagoon that provides stinger-free swimming and life guards if you’re accident pro

Now the part you’ve all been waiting for, the nightlife

If you find yourself in Airlie you will most certainly end up in Magnum’s at one point or another. It is located right in the heart of the shopping and entertainment precinct. And it serves as both a nightclub and backpacker hostel. If you decide to stay here the rooms are very affordable. As such, you’ll have plenty of money left to spend at the bar.

Morocco’s is another great spot where you’ll find food, drinks, fun-loving backpackers and the more-than-occasional wet t-shirt contest. Overall there are about a dozen great clubs and bars here and they are all located near the main street.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that food, drink and partying are very inexpensive around here. It’s as though this place was designed for people just like us.
Just as impressive as the nightlife are the options you’ll have for nursing your hangover.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the type that likes to lounge by the lagoon or the type who enjoys exploring. You certainly have all of those options and then some. Every aturday you can check out the foreshore parkland and find a bustling market with tons of fresh food and local arts. You will also have no trouble booking a boat trip as you’ll see an offer pretty much every two metres.

Hamilton Island

THIS is one of the most heavily populated and developed islands in the Whitsundays. It is really more of a town than a resort. It has the only airport in all of the Whitsunday Islands and its own 200 boat marina. You can also find a multitude of shops and restaurants. So, there are still plenty of ways to spend your money on touristy type things.

The price tag may be a little steep for most backpackers to actually stay at the resorwhitsundays hamilton imagets here, but there are many day trips you can take from Airlie Beach that will allow you to use the resort’s facilities. Several movies, including 2008’s Fools Gold, starring Matthew McConaughey, have captured the area’s tropical beauty (we never said they were good movies). If you choose to stay longer, be aware that the island prohibits mainland motor vehicles. But there are many golf buggies for rent to meet all of your transportation needs. While you’re recklessly cruising around in your buggy you will find that there are over 40 different activities to choose from on this island.

Helicopter tours

If you find yourself wanting something different and unique to Hamilton, try taking a helicopter tour of Heart Reef. This awe-inspiring reef is only visible from the air. Nevertheless, you’ll get a great view and return home with many enviable photos.

There is also the Koala Gallery on the island that offers visitors the chance to have breakfast with the wildlife. You can even watch daily crocodile feedings here. There are a lot of family friendly activities throughout the area –so behave yourself, you fool.

If you’re more into lounging in the sun then there are many beaches where you can indulge yourself. Catseye Beach is probably the most famous on the island. And it’s perfect if you want to relax the day away. Feel the perfect sand of the Whitsundays between your toes and listen to the calm waters lapping on the shore. We know you like being lazy and this place will give you an excuse to waste the entire day catching sun. You won’t even feel guilty about it.

You’re probably thinking, “All this is great, but where can I get drunk around here?”
Well, my friend, there are six bars and nightclubs here on the island. Feel free to spend the entire night getting wasted, or simply grab a cocktail and find a spot under a palm tree. The choice is yours.

There is always something to do no matter how long you stay. Even though it can get a bit pricy, this island can still accommodate various budgets.

Call 02 9433 0444 for bookings and further information.

Whitsundays Travel Tours Queensland Accommodation

Barefoot Lodge Long Island, Whitsundays

Enjoy the great outdoors walking through tropical vine forests. Long Island’s bush walks are some of the best in the Whitsunday Islands group. The 20kms of scenic walking tracks and palm fringed beaches offers fantastic views and encounters with local wildlife.

On the other hand, you could just kick back and relax on the beach. Or sip a cool drink at the pool bar. On Long Island, it’s up to you!

Whitsundays Travel Tours Queensland

Dorms from $30 per person. Private rooms from $60 per person.


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