Things to do in Coogee

Things to do in Coogee

Things to do in Sydney

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Beachside Coogee is located around 8 kilometers southeast of Sydney’s central business district. Allow me to educate you on the origin of its peculiar-sounding moniker. “Koojah” means “smelly place” in Aboriginal, according to urban legend. Historians who smoke pipes and wear spectacles propose a connection to the term “koo-chai,” meaning “stinking seaweed” that supposedly used to be a problem on the beach. Have no fear; these days, all you can smell in Coogee is joy and barbeques.

Upon its tram connection to the city at the turn of the twentieth century, the region exploded in popularity as a tourist beach. Tourists continued to pour in because of the pier and aquarium. Despite the pier’s removal and trams’ discontinuation in 1960, Coogee’s natural beauty and easygoing appeal had already won over many.

Beach life in Coogee

After the beast that is Bondi, Coogee is arguably Sydney’s most popular beach. Despite its reputation for dumping waves, this beach is really more suitable for swimming than surfing. Wedding Cake Island, located about 800 meters off the southern headland, protects the beach from the most violent waves.

Dolphin Point, located in the northernmost part of the beach, is a naturally occurring exposed rock pool. Sadly, twenty inhabitants of Coogee lost their lives in the Bali bombing of 2002, and this monument serves as a heartbreaking reminder of their loss.

Just up north, in Gordon’s Bay, you’ll find another popular snorkeling location. As you follow the underwater snorkel route around this rocky inlet, you’ll be able to see a variety of marine species via your mask. If you’ve ever had a pang of naturist desire, Gordon’s Bay is the place for you. Bringing your pals there and then seeming surprised when you get more than you expected is no longer an option…

Priority #1: Safety! Where the beach meets the ocean, it abruptly ends. Because of this, a potentially hazardous beach break may occur when the surf is big. If you see that the surf is becoming too rough, it’s best to seek the advise of a helpful lifeguard or postpone your plans until the weather is calmer; this beach has a high annual rate of spine injuries. Being cautious is preferable than being regretful later on.

What to do in Coogee

Henry Alexander Wylie, a famous swimmer who excelled in open water and long distance swimming, built the ocean baths at the end of the beach in 1907. Sure, shell out $3 and relax on a beach lounger while listening to the waves pounding outside. If you’d rather not fight the waves, that’s OK.

This town’s right-of-passage, the beachfront walk from Coogee to Bondi, is a must-do for every visitor or local worth their salt. Walking may not be the most exciting activity, but the breathtaking scenery—including unobstructed views of the ocean, picturesque beaches, towering cliffs, and even the occasional cemetery—will keep you occupied and provide plenty of opportunities for great photos. Each beach along the way—Coogee, Clovelly, Bronte, and Tamarama—has its own charm, so feel free to take your time and stop whenever you choose on the way to Bondi. You should be able to do it in one or two hours if you take your time and do it all at once.

Top eats in Coogee

Finding a place to eat that is both cheap and tasty is essential after a day at the beach. Famous for its all-day breakfast fit for champions and often updated specials board, Coogee Bite is a popular hangout spot. The café is conveniently located near the beach, so you can get some fresh air and a caffeine fix as you sip on a smoothie or coffee.

You may have a fair-trade coffee first thing in the morning, a craft beer midday, and a drink before supper at Barzura, which is open daily from 7 am to 11 pm. It’s no secret that the Aussies are masters at making a breakfast that gets you going for the day, and Barzura is no exception. Seafood, curries, and pub staples like fish and chips and massive steaks are all available on the menu.

Many Sydneysiders go to Chilli Box, a Thai restaurant, to test the claim that it serves the “Best Thai in the eastern suburbs” if they are in the mood for something a bit more out of the ordinary.

Pubs in Coogee

Chances are that its reputation has preceded it and you are already a seasoned Coogee Bay Hotel attendee. If not, the enormous hangout equipped with seven different bars, including Sydney’s biggest beer garden, is the spot to go and grab a drink.

With the garden as your backdrop, you can take in breathtaking views of Coogee Beach. The Beach Bar is the place to be every night for live entertainment, and the Arden Lounge hosts monthly speed dating events where you just could meet your soulmate. The largest nightclub in the Eastern suburbs, Selina’s, is right there, so there’s no need to stress about where to go once they call last orders.

While it may be on the smaller side, the Beach Palace Hotel is nevertheless very roomy and has plenty of fun things to do. A cocktail lounge, a nightclub, and a first-rate sports bar with plasma TVs and a 30-foot projection screen are all available at the Beach Palace Hotel. An ideal spot to unwind with a drink after a long day at the office, thanks to the breathtaking beach views from every room.

The Beer Snobs, formerly of Coogee Café… if you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinaryOn August 17th and September 21st, After Dark will host an event where you may experience six beers and food pairings for $30 per person.

Accommodation in Coogee

You may stay at the Coogee Bay Hotel, but there are alternative places to stay if you’d rather not be near the murder scene from the night before. Situated only 30 meters from the beach, Coogee Beach House is at an ideal location. The accommodations are clean, large, and reasonably priced, and the staff is kind and accommodating. If you are looking for a beachfront hostel in Sydney, this is the place for you. Alternatively, Surfside Coogee Beach is another laid-back hostel option. Most of the accommodations here have fantastic views, and they’re all within walking distance of the beach. What a great way to start the day!

The Dive Hotel is a boutique property with contemporary rooms and wonderful sea views—perfect if the thought of sleeping in a hostel makes you queasy or if you would want to splurge on something better without going into debt.


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A one-bedroom apartment in Coogee will cost you roughly $380/week, while long-term rentals will cost you around $250/week. Apartments with two bedrooms typically cost around $600.

Beach bums, sunbathers, permanent residents, working vacationers, fitness fanatics, and social butterflies will all find paradise in Coogee.

By Amy Baker

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