Why Your Next Trip Should Be An Expedition Cruise

Why a Cruise is the Perfect All Year Round Holiday Choice

The appeal of cruises is expanding with younger and older audiences alike wanting to combine the luxury of a cruise and the ability to explore multiple destinations. With the uptake of expedition cruises becoming more popular, this style of travelling emphasises exploration over sightseeing as a core feature of your holiday. Here we look at why the expedition cruise could be the perfect choice for your next holiday.

Plan your Perfect Trip

In today’s world, when you are looking to travel abroad most countries and cities will have airports and docks providing the scope to travel further afield. This makes it easier to visit one city at a time on short city breaks, with access to local tourist locations that can be visited on foot, bus/coach, hiring vehicles and trains. When thinking about a cruise, you might think you will be more limited by the areas and allocated time but actually, when planning an expedition cruise, the purpose is to provide the opportunity to explore unique areas in vehicles designed to showcase nature in a once in a lifetime experience, with routes sought out by experienced travelers.  

Getting Active

Again with traditional cruises, you might find it easier to follow the majority, staying close by and making it harder to fulfil more challenging excursions within limited timeframes. On an expedition cruise, it is already expected that along with your fellow travellers, you wish to seek more than your traditional photo opportunity. It is with this in mind that the activities provided will be the highlight of each destination and you will have time dedicated to truly fulfil the experience. Delving straight into nature, hiking through rainforests or spotting wildlife across the Serengeti, are just a few of the activities on offer!

Experience Continued on Board

To some, the meaning of a cruise can be a monotonous experience being confined to a cruise ship, highly scheduled with onboard timetables of activities, shows and dining experiences. For some, this can feel claustrophobic and highly controlled and will be off-putting to many. If this has been holding you back, expedition cruises cater for smaller audiences all after a more thrill-seeking and at one experience with nature and the elements, whilst also providing 24/7 opportunities from the comfort of your cabin.

Break Boundaries

If you are looking to push your limits and get more from you holiday then relaxation, through summer or winter, an expedition cruise can take you over the icy waters of the Arctic Circle or past a tropical Caribbean island – whatever your preference, a cruise can take you to a variety of places, breaking the boundaries of typical excursions with guides that share your love for adventure. They will take you off the beaten track and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity and making memories you will treasure forever. 

About the Author

Bio: Head of Expedition Sales at Exclusive Expeditions, Gavin Murray has worked in the travel industry for over 15 years. Having worked on a number of cruise lines as a Cruise Director, including Holland America and Celebrity Cruises, has travelled extensively and visited 96 countries. He is also the host of Exclusive Expeditions’ Q&A Sessions on YouTube. For more information regarding Exclusive Expeditions please visit www.exclusiveexpeditions.co.uk

Exclusive Expeditions is an independent agency specialising in expedition cruises. Based in West Sussex, England, Exclusive Expeditions excels in arranging tailor-made travel experiences with a focus on destination-led exploration and discovery.