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    You Could Be Owed A UK Tax Rebate

    It’s coming up to the end of the UK Financial Year, so do you know if you could be sitting on a pot of gold or not? On the 5th April 2015, the UK Financial Year comes to an end and that means when the clock hits midnight, you will lose access to all the tax free allowances such as Instant Saver Accounts (ISA).

    Also that means many who have worked in the UK through the Financial Year will be receiving the Tax Rebates.

    However, you’ve escaped the delightful grey clouds and constant drizzle of the British rain and made the fantastic decision to spend some time to live and work in Australia. Well done you!

    Now you’re time in paradise can become that more exciting if you have spent any time of the last four years working in the UK. If you have, then you can claim a tax rebate that will add a bit more money in your pocket to invest in discovering the Australia’s amazing landscapes and tourist destinations.

    The UK Government requires anyone who has worked in the country to pay taxes on the income that has an earning greater than the personal allowance, set at £10,000 (set to increase to £10,800). Did you earn an income anytime between the four years before you left for Australia? If you answer yes and hadn’t received a tax rebate because you hadn’t filed a tax return previous to your arrival Down under then there’s a chance you could be owed money back from the UK Government.

    The benefit of being a UK Expat are great and being able to receive a rebate from the past four years can be the difference between having a good time in Australia and an unforgettable one.

    However, the first thing you should have done before leaving the UK to live and work abroad for at least one tax year or permanently is notify HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). This isn’t necessary if you are leaving for just a holiday or business trips.

    Imagine what you could do in Australia with a tax rebate that spans back from four years? If you had worked each of those previous four years without making a claim then you could be looking at a very big cash return. That could mean embarking on an adventure tour of Australia, exploring destinations from the beautiful Gold Coast to an inland tour of The Red Centre.

    Do you feel that you could be owed some money back from your Tax Return? If so, then you should get in contact with a Tax Agent to help you ensure you are affective in your claim. is the biggest and most successful tax agent in the UK and is affective in securing you your tax return. If the tax agents are unsuccessful in ensuring you are sent a cheque in the post then you will not owe a penny.

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