How to get a nursing job in Melbourne if you are on a working holiday visa

How to get a nursing job in Melbourne


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Melbourne is a promising destination to spend your working holiday and the network here is fairly close knit as well. Residing in the city for a short while will actually give you a feel of the place without too many complex commitments. If the idea sounds interesting here is at a glance an outline of what you need to know about getting a work visa and a nursing job once you have it.

Sort out the Preliminaries to get the working holiday visa

The first step to successfully applying for this visa is to do your research on it. There are a couple of prerequisites you will need to work out to determine if you are eligible for the Working Holiday Visa in Australia. For starters you will need to have a valid passport from one of the eligible countries. There is also an age requirement and you will need to be between the ages of 18-31 years .

Find a nursing job on a working holiday visa

Once you have the visa in hand you will need to start looking for a job. Online sources are the most reliable in this matter and there are a couple of common websites that can help you find the job vacancies and actually apply for them.  There are also social media pages that have regular updates on job vacancies from this line of work.

Have a chat with employers

Alternatively, you can contact employers directly and ascertain if there is a vacancy.  Melbourne has a plethora of well-known hospitals that may have a requirement for a nurse. Let them know that you are available for an interview via video call. They may ask you to send your resume and if that’s the case forward it and promptly follow up.

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