Temporary Work on Farms in Victoria that Qualify for a Working Holiday Visa Extension

Temporary Work on Farms in Victoria

Already loving your working holiday visa? Now you can get an extension to make sure you are eligible for that second year so that you too can make the absolute most out of your working holiday visa. If you are wondering how this can be done, there are several options. One such route is by applying for farm work. Farm work is a very popular option in Australia and unlike other conventional white collar jobs it is uncomplicated in many levels.

Method of Getting the Job

In order to qualify for your second year working holiday visa, it is necessary to complete three months worth of work that is specified in a regional area of Australia. More information on the regions that are eligible can be found on the second year visa page. Once you have found a region of choice you have to get your job sorted out well before your first visa runs out. For this it is important that you stay ahead of the game.

Common Eligible Farm Jobs 

Not all farm jobs are eligible for the working holiday visa extension. However a few farm jobs fit the criteria and this includes fruit picking, farm work or horticulture work. Fruit picking is by far the most convenient of the jobs available for working holiday visas. It requires little to no expertise and fruit picking methods can be learnt within a couple of minutes. It is fun and you can make friends; a job does not get better than this.

Method of Proving Eligibility;

While you’re working, make sure you collect sufficient evidence in the form of bank statements or pay slips to prove you’ve completed the requirement. Then, once you have your three months of work, you can begin the easy process of extending your visa and get that extra year in the beautiful city of Melbourne.

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