Day trip Perth to Penguin Island

Day trip Perth to Penguin Island
While the island's little penguins are the island's main attraction, many other nesting and roosting seabirds can be seen including a 500-strong colony of pelicans. Penguin Island's varied geographical features include cliffs, small sea caves, headlands, beaches, coves, notches and natural bridges. There are also numerous wave-cut platforms.

Penguin Island Ferries

Penguin Island ferry times are hourly. Ferries depart on the hour from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. It’s also possible to walk to Penguin Island from the beach at Shoalwater Bay along the sandbank. While many people do this, it’s not recommended due to changing tide and ocean conditions.

Penguin Island Discovery Centre

These cute fairy penguins are the smallest breed of penguins. During the winter months, about a thousand pairs of fairy penguins nest on Penguin Island, Western Australia’s largest breeding colony. Since it is rare to spot them in the wild, the Discovery Centre provides the unique opportunity to see these inquisitive birds interact with the rangers.

All of the fairy penguins at the Discovery Centre are rescued penguins and were either orphaned, abandoned or injured. Sadly, the penguin numbers are in decline due to a number of environmental factors.

Other Wildlife to See

The waters surrounding Penguin Island are home to a variety of other wildlife, including wild dolphins, rare Australian sea lions, pelicans, ospreys, king skinks and over fifty other species of seabirds that nest on Penguin Island and the nearby islands. There are some excellent wildlife tours with Rockingham Wildlife Encounters that offer close up views of many of these animals, including the dolphin swim cruise where you can swim with wild dolphins.

What else to do on Penguin Island

Once on the island, there are plenty of options to while away a few hours. On a warm summer’s day, the sheltered beaches are ideal for a swim or snorkel in the crystal clear waters of Shoalwater Marine Park. For a picnic or a rest, there’s a shady park with green lawn and picnic tables.

Penguin Island Walk Trail

For the best views, there’s a 1.5 km Penguin Island walk trail that loops around the island. You’ll be guaranteed to see plenty of birdlife, including large colonies of Pelicans and keep an eye out for dolphins and large manta rays.

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